Jan 302011
Where I work

Quick photo prompt from the Outdoor Blogger network This is where the magic happens.  You can see my laptop off to the right.  I prefer a desk littered with fishing tackle and half finished projects.  If I’m not working here I’m using a laptop desk while watching TV or in the basement building something.

Jan 302011
You Can't Stay Mad at Your Mom

This was a response to a question posted on the Outdoor Blogger Network forum asking, “Anyone ever get mad at you for being a better fisherman/hunter ?” My mom and I always have a rivalry when it comes to fishing.  There’s lots of smack talk and competition to be had out on the water.  Once […]

Jan 132011
My Favorite Outdoor Place

The Outdoor Blogger Network has a photo prompt up asking its members to post photos of their favorite outdoor place.  While an easy question on the surface I realized I had two distinct problems in answering this question: 1.  My favorite outdoor place is anywhere that is outside and has water that holds fish.  This […]

Oct 242010
Outoor Blogger Network - Cell Phone Photo Contest

The Outdoor Blogger Network is hosting a cell phone photo contest.  http://www.outdoorbloggernetwork.com/2010/10/20/outdoor-photo-prompt-the-cell-phone-shot/ The Functioning Fishaholics abuse the heck out of a Nexus One (Android) cell phone camera for about 90% of the pictures on the site. While it’s nothing too fancy, I’m submitting the picture below to their contest.  This was a shot I took […]

Oct 192010
Outdoor Blogger Network (hall of fame)

Some of you may have noticed the new Outdoor Blogger Network icon on the right hand side of the page.  If you haven’t checked out the Outdoor Blogger Network yet PLEASE stop reading and click this:  http://www.outdoorbloggernetwork.com/ For those of you who like to read about something before clicking…  May I present to you the […]

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