Dec 292011
Year End Clearance - And Then There Were Deer

I’m going to miss this year end clearance stuff once 2012 rolls around.  For those of you who aren’t keeping track or happen to be a little slower than most,  I’m posting lots of stuff that never made it to the page this year.  Consider it clearance, the bargin bin, one last try before I […]

Oct 072011
Functioning Friday -  Sh... On Wheels Edition

Fall is in full swing in Southeastern PA.  The leaves are starting to turn, water temperatures are dropping, and lately it seems the bugs are growing in size…  but before we get to that, have you ever seen one of these? Looks like a sh… show on wheels to me!  If I can’t get a […]

Sep 092011
Artsy Fartsy Fishing - Enough Rain Already! Edition

Even though the  rain and flooding continue this week in Pennsylvania there is a bright side. No, it’s not your insurance check, it’s… ART! Are you ready to get Artsy Fartsy Fishing up in here?  Thought so.         Are you enjoying our loose definition of art and photography?  Would you like to […]

Jul 092011
Dropped Camera in Water?  Try The Rice Trick!

On Monday I dropped my digital camera in water after taking a nice fall off a log (How To Fight A Fish and Not Die). My camera was completely soaked so I decided to give the rice trick a try.  You may have seen this used to fix a wet cell phone before but I wasn’t […]

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