Jan 242011
Fishing Rod Rack for FREE

Well almost…  You’ll still need some time, skill, and spare lumber… To begin, there are three things every man should know how to do: 1.  Fish –  If you don’t know how to fish you have reached an evolutionary dead end.  Your ancestors are rolling in their graves and one day civilization may crumble and […]

Jan 052011
Maybe he just wasn't in the mood

Do you love fishing?  Well here at the Functioning Fishaholics we do.  We have a passion for grabbing our rod and charging out to the water if only for a little tug on our line. Fishing = Passion Watch the video below (click watch on YouTube), if you think to yourself, “there’s nothing wrong with […]

Oct 282010
24 Karat Gold fishing lures!!!???

 I LOVE GOOOOLD!!!! The Functioning Fishaholics have had some great luck lately with GOLD.  While it may not be real 24 Karat gold in the lures one thing is clear, pretty much all of the fish we caught last weekend were caught on gold bladed inline spinners (rooster tails). I had an awesome #4 […]

Aug 042010
New Tackle Box/Bag

Just picked up this soft sided box/bag from Dick’s sporting goods.  It’s made by Flambeau and contains 4 removable plastic boxes for your tackle.  I was able to find this one on sale for $39. I originally was looking to pickup a larger Plano box than what I currently had and didn’t really think i […]

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