Apr 152012
Deep Creek Fishing With Mom and Dad

Yesterday was an amazing day for fishing in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Other than a little wind, the weather was perfect for an eight hour 2012 PA fishing license workout. I almost went fly fishing with one of my blogger buddies but he was having a rough morning.  My mom and dad were already on the water […]

Sep 092011
Artsy Fartsy Fishing - Enough Rain Already! Edition

Even though the  rain and flooding continue this week in Pennsylvania there is a bright side. No, it’s not your insurance check, it’s… ART! Are you ready to get Artsy Fartsy Fishing up in here?  Thought so.         Are you enjoying our loose definition of art and photography?  Would you like to […]

Sep 082011
Marsh Creek - Fishing Report - 9-3-2011

Jeff and I returned to Marsh Creek last Saturday to see if we could rustle up some Largemouth Bass.  The last time we were on this lake was on June 18th over two months ago.  We were very excited to be back. It was very obvious early on that Marsh Creek had a run in with Hurricane […]

Oct 302010
Secret spot and Deep Creek 10-30-2010

Jeff and I decided to make a morning run out to the secret spot and Deep Creek today for some great Fall PA Bass fishing. It was a chilly Fall morning in Montgomery County!  The temperature was 34 degrees when we arrived at the secret fishing spot.  A heavy frost was all over the grass […]

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