Ascend FS12T vs Perception Pescador- Which Is Superior?

ascend fs12t vs perception pescador
ascend fs12t vs perception pescador

To choose the best kayak for your fishing trip, then you need to consider a few things. Aside from the price point, you need to have the weight and the size of the kayak in mind. There are many premium kayaks in the market, but they can cost thousands of dollars. So, to choose the best kayak on a budget, refer to an expert with your requirement. Many anglers have recently been talking about the Ascend FS12T vs the Perception Pescador. If you’re also planning on purchasing either one of these two kayaks, then going through the information provided below will help you make an informed decision.

Ascend FS12T vs Perception Pescador

Ascend FS12T

If you’re low on budget and want a good kayak, then FS12T is for you. It is quite a famous option among beginners who are not familiar with premium models. It brings a ton of convenience to anglers on a budget. You don’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars on this kayak to get the complete experience. As compared to the Pescador, this kayak is more stable and has a wider structure. People have mentioned that standing up in this kayak is relatively easier when compared to the Perception Pescador.

As far as the structure and the overall build are concerned, this kayak is sturdier and more durable. You don’t have to worry about wrecking this kayak on accidents. With that said, the Ascend FS12T maintains a slower pace when compared with Perception Pescador. So, if you’re not a fan of slow kayaks, then this might not be a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for stability and perfect control for an extended period, then Ascend FS12T is the better option. The weight of this kayak is also a bit heavier than the Pescador. So, you might need a trailer or a truck to get this kayak from one place to the other. Other than that, it is a great kayak to bring on your fishing trip.

While getting a ton of value, you will save a lot of money on this purchase. So, if you’re looking for an entry-level kayak, then Ascend FS12T is a viable pick for you. It brings a stable platform, and you shouldn’t have much trouble standing up in this kayak. All in all, this kayak is known for its exceptional value proposition, and there are not many brands that offer the same features in a similar price range.

Perception Pescador

The Perception Pescador maintains a sleek design and is a bit lighter than Ascend FS12T. While using this kayak, you don’t have much trouble as you’re paddling around on the water. The pace of this kayak is also faster, and you can easily pick it up without much help. So, if your requirements match this description, then Pescador is the prime pick for you. Depending upon where you make the purchase, the Pescador can be a bit more expensive than Ascend FS12T. You will have to extend your budget to accommodate for the higher price point.

Now, moving towards the stability of the kayak, a few people have said that the perception of Pescador can’t be compared to Ascend FS12T. The frame is just not wide enough for people to stand, and you will often run into issues with Pescador turning over in the water. It takes a bit of experience to learn how to use this narrow kayak, and it is not as beginner-friendly when compared with Ascend FS12T.

With that said, most people recommend that if you’re getting a better deal on Pescador, there is no harm in going for this kayak. Even though you will have to go through some challenges to learn how to use the narrow frame, this kayak will bring you exceptional performance. So, once you get used to it, Pescador can easily outperform Ascend FS12T.

All in all, both the Ascend FS12T and the Perception Pescador are great kayaks that bring a ton of value to the anglers. Depending upon the weight, size, speed, and stability requirements, you can either go for the Ascend FS12T or the Perception Pescador. The Pescador is lighter, faster, and more expensive. The only thing it lacks is the enhanced stability that is available in the Ascend FS12T.

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