Avet MXJ Reel Reviews – Everything To Know

avet mxj reel reviews
avet mxj reel reviews

The casting smoothness might be one of the most important factors that anglers consider while purchasing a reel, but you should always prioritize the build quality. You’ll find a ton of cheaper models that are incredible when it comes to casting smoothness, but you will run into durability-related issues within a few weeks. So, it is better to get a fishing reel with a decent build that will last you for years.  Avet MXJ reel is one of the better options in the market when you’re talking about durable build quality. This option is used by intermediate anglers and is more affordable than the majority of premium Shimano reels. So, here are some reviews on Avet MXJ Reel.

Avet MXJ Reel Reviews

Even though you’ll find that the spool on the MXJ is small compared to other options in the market, you won’t have to worry about the line capacity. It is more than enough to help you through even the most demanding situations, and the best thing about Avet reels is their build quality. Anglers have been using these reels for almost a decade, and you won’t find any negative reviews on these products. So, going with Avet MXJ is one of the safest options for beginners as well as intermediate anglers.

When it comes to the casting performance and the retrieve, it doesn’t perform as well as some of the more premium options offered by Shimano. For this reason, you won’t find many experts making use of these fishing reels when aiming for a more efficient fishing system. However, if you’re trying to maximize value from the fishing reel, then going with Avet MXJ is not a bad choice.

It brings a 5.8:1 gear ratio with a solid aluminum structure. You’ll find eight stainless steel bearings, and it is pretty easy to crank in 38 inches of line at each turn. The handle has an ergonomic build, and you won’t find an option that outperforms Avet MXJ at the same price point. Some models from Okuma indeed have more casting efficiency, but they can’t bear the same rough situations as the Avet MXJ reel.

One of the things that anglers love about this fishing reel is that it is available in a variety of different colors. So, you won’t have to worry about the reel looking out of place on your fishing rod when choosing the design. Moreover, the elegant finish on Avet MXJ makes it the perfect fit for the majority of fishing systems.

Overall, the Avet MXJ reel is not a bad choice when you match the price point with the value offered by this product. Anglers have said nothing but good things about this reel, and the only area of concern is the casting smoothness. Luckily, you’ll get used to the slower cast in no time, and this reel will fit right into your unique style. So, give this fishing reel a shot if you’re a fan of the design, and need a durable fishing setup for a few casts.

How Does It Compare To Okuma Komodo?

When you bring this reel next to Okuma Komodo, there is a massive difference in the performance of both units. The majority of anglers seem to be a fan of Avet MXJ as it brings a more ergonomic handle and comfortable system to the users. However, when you’re talking about speed and pure casting smoothness, Okuma Komodo presents a better value to the owners. So, you can use this as the determining factor between Okuma Komodo and MXJ and go with the option that better suits your fishing requirements.

According to the majority of anglers, you’ll be much better off with Avet MXJ in the long run. This reel performs better in rough conditions, and you won’t have a hard time in the maintenance of this product. Moreover, the difference in price point is not that significant. So, you should give MXJ a shot first, and there is a good chance you’ll be satisfied with the performance of this fishing reel. On the other hand, you can’t go wrong with either one of these options, and you should go with the unit that feels better in your hands.

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