Bigeye Tuna vs Bluefin Tuna – What’s The Difference?

Bigeye Tuna vs Bluefin Tuna
Bigeye Tuna vs Bluefin Tuna

Tuna belongs to the genus Thunnus which is also called tunny. These species belong to the seven oceanic fishes that are sometimes very large and constitute the genus Thunnus. Tunas are of huge commercial worth as these are used worldwide as food. These fish are very much related to the mackerels due to which they are often placed with mackerels as well in their family Scombridae (Perciformes). They however also vary in considerable ways, including having different species. The tunas are robust, elongated, and highly streamlined fish.

With a rounded body, they taper to a very slender tail base. Tunas are mostly dark or silvery in a color that comes with an iridescent shine. They can easily migrate long distances in the world’s oceans. However, they mainly occupy temperate, topical, and some cooler water. Some popular varieties of fish include bigeye tuna as well as bluefin tuna. These are often compared with each other because of their similarities. People can also have a hard time trying to choose between them which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two varieties.

Bigeye Tuna vs Bluefin Tuna Comparison

Bigeye Tuna

Bugeye tuna is a species that is considered to be from “true tuna”. Though, you should note that these are from the same family as mackerels. The fish is quite popular in the Hawaiian region where people refer to it as ‘ahi. The same name is used for the yellowfin tuna which is quite similar to this variety. You should note that bigeye tuna can be found roaming around in temperate and tropical oceans. However, finding these in the Mediterranean Sea is not possible. Considering this, if you are trying to catch the fish then try looking in other regions than this.

People should note that the main reason why these fish are so popular is because of their taste. The meat can be quite delicious as it is delicate when cooked properly. Additionally, this is full of nutrients that make it a healthy option to go for. Aside from this, one major thing to note about bigeye tuna is their size. The fish can grow up to a mass of 120 kg when they are adults. This is why if you are going on a fishing trip for this variety of tuna then proper equipment will be required.

People often complain about their rods and lines breaking when trying to pull the fish because of their massive size and weight. This is why being prepared beforehand can be quite essential. Even if you are fishing for other varieties in an area where bigeye tuna might be roaming around. There is a high chance that this variety will steal your bait within seconds. Staying cautious and planning is the best way to avoid problems like these.

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna is another famous species from the family of tunas. These fish are known by different names which include giant bluefin tuna. This name was given to the fish because of its massive size. People should note that bigeye tuna are also quite large and heavy but bluefin tuna are easily larger. The size difference between the two varieties is alarming as bluefin tuna can be found ranging from 220 to even 250 kg while they are adults.

On top of this, there are about 3 species of fish, all of which are larger than bigeye tuna. This is one of the main differences between the two fish as most of their characteristics are similar. The body of bluefin tuna is also noticeably stronger in comparison. People should note that this variety is not only large but is also quite fast which is why catching them can be quite a task.

In most cases, it is recommended that people go for smaller fish instead, especially if they are beginners. Once you understand how different fishing techniques work, you can then start moving on to larger fishes. Even most professionals report catching these varieties to be quite tedious. If you want to enjoy their meat, then this can be mostly bought from fish markets easily because of their popularity. When it comes to the taste of these fishes, the choice usually depends on the user’s personal preferences. Some people might easily enjoy one of these varieties over the other.

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