Boat Gas Tank Not Venting? Try These 3 Tips

boat gas tank not venting
boat gas tank not venting

The venting unit in your boat is one of the most crucial components of your machine. It can be quite troublesome to deal with situations when your boat gas tank is not venting. You will immediately notice a decline in the performance of the unit. So, if you believe that the fuel is not being pumped efficiently from the tank to the motor because of venting issues, make sure to call an expert for help immediately. Recently, there have been many reports regarding boat gas tanks not venting. So, let’s cover a few basic methods that can potentially help you troubleshoot this issue with your boat.

Boat Gas Tank Not Venting

1. Clean the Vent

Most of the time, when you’re running into issues with the gas tank not venting, you will find that the vent is clogged with some debris that is blocking the flow of air. So, to get around this problem, you need to clean the vent, or your boat won’t work efficiently. A clogged vent can lead to a vacuum pocket. This restricts the flow of fuel from the tank to the motor.

This is why you need to fix this problem immediately by cleaning the vent. All you have to do is grab a brush and remove all debris from the wire mesh. Now, you should try operating the boat after a few minutes, and it should work without further issues.

2. Replace Vent

In some situations, the corrosion on the vent can eat away at the material and block the flow of air. If you’ve had the vent installed for a long time and you can clearly see the corrosion on the wire mesh, then you have no choice but to replace the vent.

Luckily, the replacement vent is not that expensive. So, you won’t have to set aside a huge budget for your vent. So, make sure to inspect the vent thoroughly, and if you’re still running into issues after cleaning the vent, then your best bet is to get a replacement unit.

3. Fix Orientation

The positioning of the vent hose can play an important role for users trying to get ahead of venting issues. Usually, the vent hose is not installed properly, and little puddles of fuel get stuck into the vent line. These sections block the flow of air and create vacuum pockets inside the tank. So, you will have to manage the orientation of the vent hose if the boat is still running into venting issues.

Ideally, everything should fix itself after you manage the orientation of the vent hose and remove the extra bends in the line. You can also hire an expert for this job if you wish to save time. So, if your unit is under warranty or you are not willing to go through the hassle of replacing the vent hose, then call a local expert. Similarly, you can reach out to customer reports regarding this problem. Hopefully, this will fix your issue in no time so ensure the involvement of an expert.

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