Chromapop vs Chromapop Plus- What’s The Difference?

chromapop vs chromapop plus
chromapop vs chromapop plus

There are a ton of different options available to anglers when they are looking to purchase fishing glasses. Many brands like Costa have dominated the market with their variety of premium quality lenses. However, recently some brands like Smith Optics have also piqued the interest of many anglers with their affordable and quality fishing glasses. So, if you’re looking for a new pair of fishing glasses, Smith Optics is a viable option for you. Many users have recently asked about Chromapop vs the Chromapop Plus from Smith Optics. If you’re also interested in these fishing glasses, let’s briefly cover a few features that they bring to your setup.

A Comparison Between SMITH Chromapop vs Chromapop Plus Lenses

SMITH Chromapop Lens

Chromapop is the fundamental lens technology that Smith Optics provides in a wide range of protective glasses. The standard Chromapop can be considered as the base version that brings all the protective and visibility benefits to the table. It is much more affordable when compared with the Chromapop Plus variant. There are a few key differences that set Chromapop apart from the Chromapop plug aside from the price tag. In the standard version, this lens technology is applied to a polycarbonate lens, and there is no polarization included.

It provides amazing contrast and filters out primary light wavelength to enable anglers with a better vision. It completely blocks out the color confusion when you’re out on the open sea. With these glasses, it becomes effortless to differentiate between primary colors, and you have more visibility on the water. Even though the technology used in this version is the same as the Chromapop plus, it brings a lower quality lens and no polarization to the anglers. So, you can make the purchase decision based on the lens quality as well as the visibility of these glasses.

All in all, the basic function of these glasses is similar to Chromapop plus. Both glasses protect your eyes from harmful wavelengths and improve your visibility. The build quality of these Chromapop is slightly inferior to Chromapop Plus and does not offer as many benefits when you compare them side to side. The standard Chromapop variant is the implementation of Smith Optic’s latest technology on a polycarbonate lens.

This lens is not very scratch-resistant, and many users have pointed out durability issues with them. However, this standard version will cost you considerably less than the Chromapop Plus. So, if you can take care of the lens properly, it is a viable option to choose for your fishing trip.

SMITH Chromapop Plus Lens

It is the premium variant of the Chromapop technology that introduces a premium Trivex lens material. These glasses are polarized and are relatively expensive when you compare these glasses with the standard Chromapop lens. In terms of clarity and durability, these glasses are far better than the standard Chromapop variant. The Chromapop is the perfect variant for you if you prefer products that can withstand harsh use. Even though you will have to pay more for these glasses, these will last you way longer than the standard Chromapop lens.

All in all, these glasses bring a better value proposition to the anglers. The polarization and the use of the Trivex lens enable customers with better visibility. However, some anglers did mention that the difference in visibility is not substantial enough to impact their purchase decision.

The use of Chromapop technology in these glasses makes it easier for users to differentiate different light patterns and colors while on the sea. It separates different color wavelengths and provides a sharper and clearer image to the anglers. So, if you’re looking for top-quality glasses for your fishing trip, Chromapop is the way to go.

The quality of glass and polarization are the only two major differences between Chromapop and the Chromapop Plus. Other than that, these glasses are quite similar and bring the same level of protection for your eyes. If you don’t have a generous budget for glasses, then going with the standard variant might be better for you. As long as you take proper care of the lens, it shouldn’t be that difficult to extend the life of your glasses. However, if you don’t have a budget problem and want premium quality glasses, then Chromapop Plus will bring superior quality to your setup. Hopefully, this helps you make a better purchase decision.

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