Costa 580G Vs 580P- Which Is The Better Choice For You?

costa 580g vs 580p
costa 580g vs 580p

Eyewear is one of the most underappreciated conveniences for anglers. When you’re out in salty waters and dangerous terrains, there’s sure to be a lot of movement in any boat. Sometimes, things can get out of hand, making it much more difficult for you to fish as you usually would. A major reason for this is all the water that’s sure to be flying everywhere, disrupting your vision. That’s the reason why choosing the proper eyewear is so important for enthusiastic anglers. If you happen to be one of these anglers, the Costa 580G vs 580P comparison that we’ll cover today is for you.

Costa is a popular brand when it comes to fishing eyewear lenses, and this is now the case for well over a few decades. Costa sunglasses were invented all the way back in the 1980s and are still one of the most popular, trusted choices for anglers everywhere. The two options that we’ll be discussing in our Costa 580G vs 580P comparison are especially popular for many reasons. If you’re wondering which of these two you should choose but can’t seem to make a decision, read this guide to help yourself out.

Differences Between Costa 580G Vs 580P in Detail

Their Purpose

The first difference to take into account is exactly what both of these products are used for. That said, there isn’t actually much of a distinction in this case. That’s because they’re both pieces of eyewear from the exact same brand which are meant to help with the exact same cause. As already mentioned, fishing can sometimes get very intense. Anyone that goes to do so regularly surely knows by now that it’s much more than just sitting in a boat all day waiting for the fish to bite.

There’s a lot of effort and care that goes into it. Any devoted angler needs the best equipment out there if they want to make the most out of their fishing trips. With all the water that flies at you during fishing, the eyewear can help guard your eyes. It also ensures consistently clear vision. Both the Costa 580G and the Costa 580P work for this purpose. However, there are many differences between them in other aspects. These differences are exactly what we’re going to get into next.

Design and Appearance

When it comes to their overall design, both the Costa 580P and 580G seem very similar to each other. This is true to a certain extent. Both of these lenses have multiple layers, and both of them feature a polarized film layer which helps guard against yellow light. This helps with flares, glaze, and other issues that might distort your vision. Not only that, but their overall look is very similar too. There’re also many color options in both. Remember that these color options are much more than just there for show.

Each color helps with a different aspect, which is why making the right choice here is important as well. The blue-tinted lenses tend to be the most helpful for a majority of anglers. As for the major differences in this regard, the 580G has a bulkier, heavier appearance. Not only that, they’re also heavier in weight, meaning that the look isn’t deceiving.

This is because the Costa 580G is made out of glass materials, providing it with a heavier feel over its counterpart. Speaking of which, the 580P is much lighter and thinner in comparison. This is due to the fact that the Costa 580P features polycarbonate materials which have their own advantages. There are other differences between them too, but these usually go down to the color option that users chose.

Durability and Convenience

As already mentioned, there’s a major difference between both the Costa 580P and the Costa 580G in the sense that they’re made out of completely different materials. These materials are distinctly durable and convenient in their own way. Due to the larger size, heavier design, and overall sturdier feel of the 580G, these glass lenses are considerably superior when it comes to durability.

It can withstand a lot of collisions before showing even the slightest sign of damage. This shouldn’t take away from the convenience of Costa’s 580P lens though. Many immediately think that these are too weak for angling-based eyewear as they’re made out of plastic. But, that isn’t the case. The polycarbonate materials these lenses feature considerable durability too.

While they may not be exactly as durable as their glass counterpart, they’re certainly capable of taking a fair share of damage themselves. The 580P is also noticeably lighter and easier to work with, which adds to the convenience. You can also argue that their thinner look is better than that of the 580G’s. But, that is something that mainly comes up to personal preference.

Which One Should You Choose?

There are many reasons why either one of them can be a great option for users. The two have great advantages to them, and your own preferences can be the deciding factor between which one is the better choice. For those that are only casual anglers, both of them are similar enough for you to choose either one. However, for those that are devoted anglers who go fishing in the roughest of waters, the 580G might be the better option. This is mainly because of the great functionality these lenses provide.

Not only are they more durable than the polycarbonate 580P lenses, but they’re also more efficient in getting the job done. They value functionality overlooks and will keep you safe. If you’re worrying about temporarily losing your vision at important moments or getting hurt near the eyes, the Costa 580G is the best option. That’s all there is for this comparison. With this guide, they should be able to make the right choice for themselves.

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