Do Spiny Dogfish Attack Humans? (Answered)

Do Spiny Dogfish Attack Humans
Do Spiny Dogfish Attack Humans

Squalus Acanthias is another name for Dogfish, which is a small-sized shark that belongs to the family of Squalidae. It typically grows to a length of about 1-1.5 meters. It is brownish grey and slender built which gives it a sleek appearance. The dogfish has dorsal spots mainly white that can allow people to identify the fish even from a distance. it is precisely safe to say that Dogfish begins the reproduction process between the age of 12 and 25. The pregnancies usually last from 22 to 24 months. This is considered one of the lengthiest gestation periods of any animal.

Female fish give birth to four to 12 at once, which are immediately ready to hunt for the prey. The fish has different species that can be found roaming around but spiny dogfish is easily one of the most common ones that you will notice. The question “Do spiny dogfish attack humans?” is often asked when talking about this specie. You might be wondering about the same thing which is why we will be using this article to help you out. Going through the information provided below should help you in understanding the characteristics of spiny dogfish.

Do Spiny Dogfish Attack Humans?

Spiny dogfish or also sometimes known as mud shark is the best-known species from the family of sharks. These can look quite scary which is why people wonder if the shark might attack them or not. When it comes to this, you should that it is safe to say that spiny dogfish don’t usually attack humans. Though, there is a lot of additional information that you should be aware of. The first thing that should be noted is that this variety usually roams around without interrupting any humans around it.

The diet of spiny dogfish consists of sprats, codling, plaice, and small flounder. Though, you might also notice the shark attacking crustaceans and herring if they are having trouble finding prey. While the fish will continue to roam around on their own, if they feel annoyed or agitated then there is a high chance that they might attack humans near them. This is why you must leave the sharks or spiny dogfish alone. If the fish feels bothered or discomforted by you then they will most likely try to bite you.

This is not lethal if you manage to get away from the fish or scare it away quickly but there are still some problems that you will run into. The teeth on spiny dogfish contain a venom that will cause your body to start swelling after some time. This can cause extreme discomfort which is why you should take care of the bite as soon as possible. If you notice that the pain is getting out of control, then make sure that you visit a hospital quickly. Depending on how deep the bite was, there can be tons of issues that you can run into.

Going through the information provided above, people should be able to understand that these fish can bite humans, but this is quite rare. Additionally, the problem is only for people that might be swimming or diving inside a body of water.

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