Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Review – Everything To Know

fenwick elite tech inshore review
fenwick elite tech inshore review

While browsing through the Fenwick portfolio, you will find that the majority of issues with these rods relate to their durability. This brand is not known for its strength, and you will eventually deal with broken sections when putting the Fenwick equipment under strain. So, even if you’re looking for budget rods, it is better to go with an option that can last you for years. The recent improvements on the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore unit do add to the durability of the rod with high modulus graphite. Many anglers have been considering a purchase of this ultra-light unit for their fishing trips. So, here is a review that will give you more perspective on the performance of Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore rod.

Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore Review

When it comes to the sensitivity of the rod as well as the control, this rod is one of the best options in the market. The affordable pricing on this unit has piqued the interest of many beginners that need a forgiving entry-level unit for their fishing trip. However, when it comes to the durability of the rod, Fenwick couldn’t pull through even with the high modulus graphite blank. This rod is not designed to hold under extra strain, and if you’re trying to catch heavier fish, the rod will end up snapping pretty easily.

When it comes to the quality of the blank and the performance of the guides, this rod can’t even compete with other average options in the market. However, as far as the quality finish, epoxy coating, and the premium tier grip is concerned, this rod presents a pretty great value. Unfortunately, the quality of grips and coating don’t contribute to the strength of this rod, and you need to prioritize the quality of the blank above everything when buying a rod.

This medium-powered stick is only good for entry-level situations where you’re only focusing on the fishing techniques and basics. It won’t last in demanding water conditions, and some complaints show that the rod can also get damaged during delivery. So, it is a good idea you thoroughly inspect the rod and forward a warranty claim immediately if the rod is not in perfect condition.

Aside from these durability-related issues with the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore rod, you will get pretty decent casting smoothness and handing. There are a ton of good reviews on the hook setting and sensitivity of this rod. So, if you’re not planning on catching heavier fish and just need a decent rod to help with the fishing trip, then going with Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore will serve you perfectly.

Overall, Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore is not a reliable rod that can last in rough fishing conditions. This rod can be described as fragile, and there is no point in spending money on this rod if you’re planning on catching heavier fish. So, instead of only looking at the price point, try to increase your budget and go with an option that will serve you for years. That will not only save you a lot of headaches, but you will enjoy a much better fishing experience.

How Does It Compare To Okuma SRT Elite?

The Okuma SRT Elite might present a similar price point when compared with the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore rod, but it far exceeds the performance and durability of the Fenwick rods. Okuma has been the top brand when you’re browsing through mid-range units, and going with SRT Elite will help you enjoy a much better fishing experience. It is true that the lighter weight of the Fenwick Elite Tech Inshore rod provides better control for beginners, but there is no point in buying a rod that will end up breaking in a few months.

For this reason, you should extend your budget by a small margin and go with Okuma. This brand offers a ton of variety, and the dealer support is also phenomenal. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the rod getting damaged during delivery. So, because of the superior quality of blank and guides on Okuma SRT elite, it is better to go with this rod over the Fenwick Elite Tech for your fishing trip. Make sure to demo both units to get a better feel of their casting performance.

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