Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod Review – Should You Get It?

fenwick fenglass fly rod review
fenwick fenglass fly rod review

While the design and the presentation of the rod play a huge role in the final purchase decision, you should always prioritize performance. There is no deficiency of customers who purchased a fly rod just because it looks good, and now they are stuck with sub-par performance. So, to avoid the same outcome, you need to aim for a balance between the performance and presentation of the fly rod. When it comes to Fiberglass fly rods, the Fenwick Fenglass maintains a decent reputation in the market. It might not be the most elegant fly rod in the community, but the price tag and the smoother cast of Fenwick make it a worthwhile purchase. So, follow through with this review if you need a Fenwick Fenglass fly rod.

Fenwick Fenglass Fly Rod Review

With large stripping guides and a unidirectional glass blank, Fenwick Fenglass has secured a stable spot in the market. While the market sentiment is not that great when it comes to glass blanks, you will enjoy exceptional casting smoothness with this rod. Fenwick went all out on this model and made sure to launch a rod that differentiates itself with a superior comfortability factor. So, even if you’re using this rod for hours, there won’t be any strain on your hands, and it will feel fairly solid.

The increased comfortability of this rod can be linked with the lighter weight, and you won’t feel like you’re using a big broom while casting this rod. So, along with the beautiful design brought forward by the fiberglass material, you will enjoy a good level of performance from Fenwick Fenglass. It is not a top-tier fly rod by any means, but the performance is good enough to help beginners enjoy their fishing trip.

The primary selling point of this rod is the translucent design that offers bright colors and a robust system to the anglers. However, as you progress through the fishing conditions and need something that offers a faster rod action, then Fenwick Fenglass is not for you. You need to look for better units in the market that have more power and can withstand rough weather without taking a toll on your fishing system.

The grip quality is pretty nice, and you won’t have to pay such a huge budget for this rod. This option is only designed for a small niche, and you won’t see this rod in the hands of every angler. So, keep that in mind if you’re looking for something more practical that provides more value for your money.

Overall, Fenwick Fenglass is a great medium-action fly rod that offers a reasonable level of performance to the anglers. It differentiates itself with superior design, but when it comes to pure performance, you can find better rods while sticking to the same price point. The only reason why anglers go for this rod is the beautiful design. So, if you’re in the same situation and need more of an art piece to add to your collection, then Fenwick Fenglass is for you. Moreover, you can also enjoy a smooth casting experience every now and then.

How Does It Compare To Orvis Superfine Glass?

The weight of this rod might be a bit more, but Orvis Superfine is considered the customer favorite when you’re looking at fiberglass rods. It has the strength to work even in some demanding situations and presents a far better value when you compare it with Fenwick Fenglass. However, this increase in value comes with a massive jump in price point, and you will be paying at least twice as much money for Fenwick Fenglass when comparing this rod with Orvis Superfine.

If you’re comfortable with spending around 500 dollars on a fiberglass rod, then the Superfine Glass Fly rod is the option for you. However, if you’re sticking with a limited budget and just want a glass fly rod for its design, then there is no harm in going with Fenwick Fenglass. Some anglers have also said that the Fenglass model is one of the most beautiful rods on the market. So, if you’re purchasing a rod purely for its design, then Fenglass will serve you perfectly. To get a better idea of the smooth cast brought forward by Fenglass, you should demo this unit for a few hours.

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