Fenwick HMX Spinning Rod Review – Should You Buy?

fenwick hmx spinning rod review
fenwick hmx spinning rod review

Combining a quality spinning reel with a decent fishing rod will help you develop a more powerful fishing system for your weekly trips. These rods are one of the more common options in the market, with some of the budget combos costing under the 100-dollar range. So, you won’t have to go out of budget while trying to find a good fishing rod for your fishing trips. When you look at the current market, brands like Fenwick and Okuma will always come out as the superior option in the mid to low price range. However, sometimes anglers do run into quality-related issues while dealing with some models from these brands. The following review on the Fenwick HMX spinning rod will improve your perspective on quality-related issues.

Fenwick HMX Spinning Rod Review

While the market sentiment was pretty positive for this brand, anglers mention that the quality of these rods has severely deteriorated over the years. The Fenwick HMX spinning rod is one of the more notorious options from this brand. Even though some anglers had satisfactory fishing experience with this rod, the majority of users have complained about the cheap build quality and the plastic reel seat nut on this rod. You can’t expect to put any extra force through this rod, as it will only hold you back in demanding fishing conditions.

It is true that you will have to pay a minimal budget for this rod, and some anglers were able to secure the Fenwick HMX spinning rod for close to 80 dollars, but the inferior build quality is just not enough to justify even the 80-dollar price point. These issues with the quality of the Fenwick HMX spinning rod can also be attributed to the shipping issues where the fishing gets damaged during delivery. So, if you’re not directly purchasing the rod from a dealer, it will likely be damaged when it gets delivered to your house.

Luckily, you can forward a claim on these defects and demand a replacement from the store. However, the smaller defects are sometimes harder to point, and you will only be struggling to get the desired performance from the Fenwick HMX spinning rod. For this reason, you will be much better off with a different budget rod from Okuma. The attractive price tag on the Fenwick HMX is the only good thing about this rod, and you can’t expect any growth with this setup.

On the other hand, some anglers did say that they had a decent fishing trip with these rods. As long as you’re sticking with calmer waters and trying to catch smaller fish, it is not too difficult to enjoy a good fishing trip with this system. So, depending upon the water conditions in your region, there is no harm in testing out the Fenwick HMX spinning rod.

Overall, the Fenwick HMX spinning rod is a budget option with a high modulus blank and a comfortable grip handle. However, the customers have been pretty dissatisfied with the performance of this rod as well as the general build quality. So, you shouldn’t expect any exceptional fishing results with this rod and try to look for alternatives from Okuma.

How Does It Compare To St Croix Premier?

St Croix Premier might not be the best rod in the market, but it far exceeds the casting smoothness and sensitivity brought forward by Fenwick HMX. You won’t have to worry about this rod getting damaged as quickly, and the better build quality will provide you with the perfect entry point. So, if you’re getting into fishing, it is a good idea to extend your budget by a little margin and include this fishing rod in your setup.

The only bad thing about St Croix Premier compared to HMX is that the Premier costs a bit more. Other than that, St Croix Premier is superior in every sense. So, instead of wasting money on the HMX, you should go with St Croix Premier, and it will serve you for years. This rod is built for performance, and you can always upgrade to a better unit when you’re used to the rod action brought forward by Premier. Make sure to test out the rod for a few hours before putting your money into the unit.

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