Fenwick Silverhawk 2 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

fenwick silverhawk 2 review
fenwick silverhawk 2 review

Fenwick might be a great brand when it comes to managing the casting smoothness and accuracy of the fishing system, but customers have always been concerned about the poor build quality of these units. It is true that the lighter weight of these rods helps with the handling, but the compromise on the build quality is just practical for most anglers. So, you will often see complaints about the Fenwick rods snapping in the middle of the fishing trip. The affordable pricing has always been the selling point for models like Fenwick Silverhawk 2. Even though these rods fail under demanding situations, they provide the perfect entry for novice anglers. So, here is a review on Fenwick Silverhawk 2.

Fenwick Silverhawk 2 Review

If you’re looking for an affordable fishing rod that is close to the 50-dollar price point, then Fenwick Silverhawk 2 is for you. Affordability is not the only thing that is exceptional about this rod, and you will enjoy a decent fishing experience with this lightweight casting rod. It is pretty versatile, and anglers have mentioned decent fishing results while trying to catch heavier trout with this fishing rod. So, if the water conditions are not too rough in your local region, Fenwick Silverhawk 2 is a good option to consider.

While this rod brings a better build with high modulus graphite blank and Fuji inserts, you will have to eventually switch to a better rod. This won’t last you for years when you’re looking for better durability to catch larger fish. The Fenwick Silverhawk 2 is only viable as an entry-level stick that helps anglers develop their styles. So, even though you can catch some decent-sized trout with this rod, you will eventually snap this rod when the weather conditions get a bit too rough.

However, when you try to compare the price with the performance, this rod from Fenwick presents incredible value. The casting smoothness and the accuracy of this rod are way more than what you can expect from a budget-level fishing stick. So, if you’re too short on the budget and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new fishing rod, there isn’t a better option available at the same price point.

Aside from the casting smoothness, you will also enjoy a split-grip cork for enhanced comfort. Just make sure to thoroughly inspect the rod after delivery for possible defects. The delivery procedure is not too kind on the rod, and there is a chance that you will struggle with the same issue. So, immediately involve the experts if the rod is in poor shape and demand a replacement for the Fenwick Silverhawk 2.

Overall, Fenwick Silverhawk 2 is great for increased casting efficiency and comfort. You won’t find a better brand when it comes to the affordability aspect. So, even though there are better options in the market, you will have to pay substantially more to purchase the mid-tier rods. The value provided by Silverhawk 2 far exceeds the price point, and you won’t be disappointed by the performance of this rod in your fishing region.

How Does It Compare To St Croix Avid?

Even though many anglers try to compare St Croix Avid with Fenwick Silverhawk 2, there is a massive difference between the price point for both rods. In most situations, the St Croix Avid units cost twice as much as the Fenwick Silverhawk 2. It is true that the Avid rods are better than Fenwick Silverhawk 2 in every sense, but you should also account for the price difference. For beginners, there isn’t a better option in the market than Fenwick Silverhawk 2, and you will have a great experience with this unit.

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned expert trying to catch larger fish, then spending the extra money on St Croix Avid is the better option. Anglers have been amazed by the performance of St Croix Avid, and you won’t be disappointed either. The durability of this rod will help you consistently fight larger fish for decades. Moreover, the maintenance of this unit isn’t that hard, and all it takes is a few minutes every week. So, depending upon your fishing requirements, you can’t go wrong with either one of these rods.

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