Furuno FCV620 Review – Worth the Purchase?

furuno fcv620 review
furuno fcv620 review

Are you on the hunt for a fish finder that is both affordable and reliable? If so, the Furuno FCV620 may be perfect for you! This fish finder has many features that will make your fishing trips more successful. This review discusses why the Furuno FCV620 is a good choice for anglers of all levels. The article will cover some key features that set this unit apart from the competition. If you are considering investing in a new fish finder, read on to learn more about the Furuno FCV620!

Furuno FCV620 Review:

  1. Display and Screen Size

The Furuno FCV620 has a 5.6-inch color LCD screen. The clear display helps you see even in direct sunlight. The backlight is adjustable, which is a feature we like. You can also adjust the contrast and brightness to customize the screen for your viewing pleasure.

There are three selectable display modes: full, split, and auto. The full mode shows the entire depth sounder display. Split mode lets you view the depth sounder and fish finder displays side-by-side. Auto mode automatically switches between full and split modes based on the depth of the water.

  1. Power Key Lock

One feature we like is the power key lock. This prevents the unit from being turned on accidentally, which can happen when bumping the key in rough seas. To turn the unit on, you must press and hold the power key for about two seconds.

  1. Depth and Temperature

The Furuno FCV620 is a dual-frequency depth sounder that operates at 50 and 200 kHz. The depth range is 3,000 feet (50 kHz) to 1,000 feet (200 kHz). The depth sounder uses an analog signal, which is not as accurate as digital depth sounders.

The depth sounder display shows depth in feet or fathoms. It also has an adjustable depth range to customize the unit to your needs.

The bottom contour feature is beneficial when trying to find fish-holding areas. You can set the contour interval to anywhere from 2.5 to 200 feet. The unit also has an alarm for shallow water, deep water, fish, and the bottom. These alarms can be turned on or off, depending on your preference.

  1. GPS Antenna 

The Furuno FCV620 has all the features we look for in a fish finder/depth sounder combo unit. It includes Fish Symbols and graphical representations of fish detected by the unit.

The Furuno FCV620 also includes a GPS antenna. This is excellent if you want to mark fishing spots or navigational waypoints. The unit has a 500-track memory so that you can save all of your favorite fishing spots. The Furuno FCV620 also has a MOB (Man Overboard) function. This great safety feature will help you save someone who has fallen overboard.

  1. Ease of Use

The Furuno FCV620 is very easy to use. The menus are straightforward to navigate. The unit has a detailed owner’s manual explaining all the features and how to use them. The Furuno FCV620 is very convenient, designed, and user-friendly. All controls are labeled and within easy reach. The menu system is logical and straightforward, making it easy for users to navigate the various menus and settings.

  1. Price

The Furuno FCV620 has a retail price of $599.99. Given this unit’s features, it is an excellent price for a fish finder/depth sounder combo unit. With additional GPS programming, it’s worth every penny. The unit has a two-year warranty covering all minor and major faults.

Final Thoughts

The Furuno FCV620 is a great fish finder/depth sounder combo unit. It has a bright, clear display and all the features an angler would look for in a unit. It is effortless to use; however, the only downside is that it doesn’t come with a transducer, but that’s not a deal breaker. If a fish finder/depth sounder combo unit is on your buying list, the Furuno FCV620 should be on top. Although, Some users reported one minor issue with the unit. We could not get the split screen mode to work correctly. It would only display the depth sounder in split screen mode. Other than that, we had no problems with the unit. Overall, the Furuno FCV620 performed well in our tests. The depth sounder was accurate, and the fish finder showed good detail.

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