Garmin Striker 4 Plus Review – Good FishFinder?

garmin striker 4 plus review
garmin striker 4 plus review

The Garmin Striker series has developed quite nicely over the years as one of the best budget options in the market. You won’t find better and more consistent quality from any other brand while sticking to the same affordable price range. So, if you’re also working with a smaller fishing system and need a sonar unit, then the Garmin Striker series has got you covered with the best performance. The majority of owners have recently been moving towards the Garmin Striker 4 plus units because of their larger screen. If you’re also interested in upgrading your Sonar system, then the following details are for you.

Garmin Striker 4 Plus Review

You’ll get a 4-inch screen with this Garmin unit that is more than enough for your smaller system. You can easily mount this screen on your kayak or Jon Boat without worrying about drilling extra holes in the frame. Most users rely on cardboard pieces to fix the units, and you can further make use of glue with wooden pieces to install the transducer as well as the Garmin Striker 4 plus display. Moreover, the storage of the battery and the wiring cluster is pretty simple and doesn’t require any extra focus from the anglers.

As far as the resolution is concerned, the Striker 4 plus is a downgrade when you compare it with the previous models. It can’t provide the same crisp display, and you might struggle with the detail on display in some situations. So, keep that in mind if you’re planning on putting your money into this unit.

The basic installation of this unit is pretty simple, and you just have to focus on connecting the power cable with a stable power source. Make sure to use the power cable with the inline fuse to avoid hardware issues with the Garmin Striker 4 system. This device is pretty durable even under rough conditions, and users have said great things about the waterproof structure of Garmin Striker 4 plus.

Other than that, you can pair this unit up with a portable kit to benefit from ice fishing features. The suction cup mounts with the transducer will help you get a detailed output through a flasher screen. It might take a bit of your time to get through the configurations, but once the Garmin Striker 4 flasher settings are optimized, the exceptional details will help you with better fishing efficiency. So, make sure to test out the different adjustments for the best results.

Overall, Garmin Striker 4 Plus system offers several features like quickdraw contours, split-screen compatibility, waypoint management, and much more. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned expert, going with Garmin Striker four will perfectly match your fishing requirements.

So, make sure to test out this unit if you’re working with a kayak or a Jon boat. Moreover, it will serve you well for stationary ice fishing as the flasher brings a detailed overview of the surroundings. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, and this compact unit will fit right into your fishing system.

Is It Better Than The Standard Garmin Striker Unit?

When you bring the plus series next to the standard models, you will immediately notice the difference in the overall size of the unit. The plus series brings a better screen, but anglers are happier with the display resolution on the standard unit. Moreover, the pricing on the standard unit is much better. So, if you’re not that sold on the larger display, then going with the standard unit will save you a fair bit of budget. On top of that, you will be just missing the quickdraw features.

In terms of basic functionality, there are not many differences between the standard series and the plus variants. So, it all comes down to the screen size you’re looking for in the Sonar system. While there have been no performance-related issues with either one of these models, anglers prefer going with the standard version over the Garmin Striker Plus series. For this reason, you should also try to save money and go with the standard variants. There are no benefits that you will realize with the plus series except the better screen size. Make sure to also get opinions from local experts.

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