How To Catch Mackerel From A Pier – 5 Basics To Master

how to catch mackerel from a pier
how to catch mackerel from a pier

While Mackerel is a pretty popular fish, you can’t catch it all year round. It only appears around early autumn, and you can expect to catch this fish in September. Most anglers prefer to fish for Mackerel near pierces as they feed close to the sea bed. You don’t have to worry about any extensive steps, and it is pretty easy to fish for Mackerel. Usually, you can rely on Mackerel strips to attract this fish, but some anglers also prefer the use of scad and squid for their systems. The following details on how to catch Mackerel from a pier will further clarify the concept.

How To Catch Mackerel From A Pier 

To catch Mackerel from a pier, you will first need a 12ft rod and a decent reel that offers a robust drag system. Moreover, you also need to put some money into a good fishing line, as putting too much weight on a weak line will only serve to disappoint you. So, once you have the system ready, follow these steps to fish for Mackerel from a pier.

  1. Start by attaching a metal jig along with mackerel feathers to your leader line. Make sure that the weight behind the metal jig is enough to sink the line halfway up the sea bed. Otherwise, you won’t get any bites even after putting hours into fishing.
  2. Now, you just have to cast parallel to the pier while standing close to the edge. Once the system hits the power, you can start retrieving the line by pulling on the fishing rod.
  3. At this point, you can make use of the pump and wind technique until you get a bite. Let the rod forward and let the line sink a bit into the water to reach the desired depth.
  4. If you’re not getting any bites at this stage, then you need to cast the line further across the pier and allow some slack for the line to sink in the water. Make sure to be patient with the cast and avoid retrieving the line too fast from the water.
  5. Lastly, just wait for a Mackerel bite as you retrieve the line and manage the rod action accordingly to avoid issues with the missed bites. Your complete focus should be on the tension in your fishing system. Otherwise, you will keep missing bites, and the Mackerel will just nibble on your bait.

These steps should be enough to secure a consistent catch rate, but you will have to adjust the method according to your fishing system to achieve better results. So, make adjustments accordingly if you’re using lighter baits and no metal jigs to add weight to your fishing system.

It will take a few days to get used to Mackerel fishing from a pier if you’ve never done it before. So, try to be patient and focus on increasing the casting distance as you try to hit a shoal of Mackerel. Ideally, it shouldn’t be too difficult when you have a rough idea of the desired depth.

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