How To Catch Striped Bass In The Aqueduct? (6 Easy Tips)

How To Catch Striped Bass In The Aqueduct
How To Catch Striped Bass In The Aqueduct

The striped bass is often stocked as sports fish because of its aggressive behavior and fast speed. The stripers usually prey on smaller fishes since they are known as the largest fishes in the temperate bass family. The silvery long and sleek fish has almost seven to eight horizontal stripes along with tiny rows of small-sized teeth. The striped bass is eaten all over the world however as they grow in size, they tend to increase the level of mercury in their body.

This makes it rich in toxins, thus eating too much of it becomes harmful to one’s health, especially in children and pregnant women. This is why you must usually eat the fish while it is still young as its meat is quite delicious and rich in nutrients. People trying to catch these fish often ask the question “How to catch striped bass in the aqueduct?”. The same question might cross your mind which is why we will be using this article to provide you with steps that can be used to help you out.

How To Catch Striped Bass In The Aqueduct?

An aqueduct is a large watercourse that is mainly constructed to carry out water. This travels from the source to another distribution point that is quite distant in most cases. Striped bass is a common variety that can be found in these areas which is why people often try catching them. Though, you should note that this process can be quite tricky which is why here are some steps that can be used to help you out.

  1. The first and most important thing to consider when going fishing for the Striped Bass in Aqueduct is the equipment. It is recommended that a 9- to 11-foot-long rod should be used. Once you have decided what works best for you, you can move on to the next step.
  2. It is very well known that there are different designated fishing points in Aqueduct. Thus, fishing for striped bass is also allowed alongside the concrete river. Though, the spot should be carefully decided as there are some issues that you might run into.
  3. The next thing that should be considered is a popular point to get started with fishing. The Aqueduct has automatic gates which allow the flow of water, this just makes it easier to attract the striped bass. However, there are some other spots that you can go for as well.
  4. The baits should be attractive to the striped bass, to lure stripers you should go for the baits that are desired by the prey. Stripers are lured easily if you use eels, sea herring, or even clams.
  5. The stripers are found in the aqueduct easily as compared to the open waters. But the perfect timing should also be considered as fishing in aqueducts is most common in the early spring to the early fall. This is because it is easier to catch the stripers during that time.
  6. Finally, a sunny clear day without any fog is recommended as it makes it easier for people to spot the striped bass roaming around.

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