How To Cook Spiny Dogfish? (Explained)

How To Cook Spiny Dogfish
How To Cook Spiny Dogfish

Bottom-dwelling, small in size sharks are known as the Dogfish, these fishes live along the Atlantic and Northern Pacific coasts. Dogfish can travel longer distances because of their sleek body shape which allows them to move quickly. The habitat of this fish ranges from the dark depths of approximately 3,000 feet to the shallower waters which means they receive ample sunlight. The small shark has a lifespan of over 40 years however if we compare it in the Pacific these sharks tend to have been living longer there for about 70 years.

A very important factor about this fish is that it does not begin the reproduction process until very late in its life. It’s not still understood as to when these fishes mature. Spiny dogfish are one of the most common varieties of this fish that are often caught because of their delicious meat. Though, people often wonder how to cook spiny dogfish in their homes. If you were thinking about a similar query, then going through this article should help you in finding some ways that can be used.

How To Cook Spiny Dogfish?

Before starting to cook your spiny dogfish, people must make fillets out of the meat. If you had not already done this, then make sure that you start by using a sharp knife. This helps in making accurate cuts so that no meat is wasted. Additionally, you can get even fillets while keeping most of the bones if not all of them out of the meat. Once you have your fillets with you, the steps provided below can be enough to understand how to cook spiny dogfish.

  1. Start by placing a saucepan on your stove and then putting some water inside it. This should be heated up slightly along the pan before you start adding any ingredients.
  2. You can now start seasoning the water using salt. You can also add pepper or chilies depending on your preferences. Just make sure that you don’t add too much seasoning as this can ruin the taste of the meat.
  3. People can now place their dogfish fillets on top of the seasoned water and then start cooking it. Keep in that the water should be enough to keep the fish entirely inside it. If you notice that this is not enough then simply add more of it before continuing.
  4. You can now start adding peeled onions and coriander to the liquid.
  5. Proceed to boil the fish at high heat and then reduce the level of heat once the water starts boiling.
  6. The fish can now be left inside the pan for about 8 minutes which is enough to cook the meat entirely. You can even use a food thermometer to help you out with the process if you are having trouble trying to tell if the meat is still raw or not.
  7. Once done, people can finally turn off the heat and then drain the meat using a skimmer. If you had not previously removed the bones and skin, then this can be done now. You can even cut smaller pieces of the fish but these mostly depend on what your preferences are.

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