How To Fix A Fishing Rod Eye (Step By Step Guide)

how to fix a fishing rod eye
how to fix a fishing rod eye

Excessive friction between the rod guides and your line is never a good thing, and you will just be struggling with managing the durability of your fishing system. For this reason, your main focus should be on minimizing friction while maintaining a precise casting distance. That way, you will get the desired longevity out of your fishing setup. A common situation that anglers often struggle with is fixing the rod’s eye after it gets damaged or broken. This is not an easy task, and you will likely have to seek help from a professional if you’re in the same situation with your fishing system.

How To Fix A Fishing Rod Eye 

If you’ve never tried to fix a fishing rod eye, then you’ll likely mess up during your first time. However, instead of achieving the perfect orientation, your main focus should be on securing the alignment and the rod eye in its designated space. Depending upon the damage, the fixing process can vary. So, here are some basic steps that will help you fix a fishing rod eye.

  1. Start by using a lighter and heat up the top eye on your fishing rod to free up the glue. It will only take a few seconds, and the glue will start melting in no time.
  2. Once the glue has been melted, you need to grab your pliers and then remove the top eye from your fishing rod. Make sure not to damage the tip and heat the eye even more if it is not getting removed easily.
  3. After removing the fishing rod eye, you need to grab a rod eye replacement from your local tackle shop and try to check the fitting on the tip of your rod. Try to purchase a smaller eye relative to the tip, as you can always file down the tip to match the eye size.
  4. If the eye is a bit small, you can make minor adjustments with the file and then try to match the size of the eye with the rod tip. It will take a few tires, but you’ll get the perfect fit in due time.
  5. Lastly, you just need to add glue and let the rod eye dry out over the tip. Make sure not to put excessive pressure on the rod guide immediately and allow the glue to dry out completely before use. Otherwise, you will run into the same situation with a broken rod eye.

Replacing the rod eye is the simplest method of fixing the fishing rod eye. There are no specialized tools that you need to change the fishing rod eye. Basic options like a lighter, pliers, file, and glue are enough to help you through the whole process. You can find all of these items at your home and get started with the replacement.

So, just go to your nearest tackle shop and inquire about a compatible rod eye. After that, follow through with the steps mentioned above, and your rod will be fixed in no time. Try asking a local expert to help you with the installation of the replacement if you get stuck at any step.

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