How To Hold A Striped Bass? (6 Easy Handling Steps)

How To Hold A Striped Bass
How To Hold A Striped Bass

Striped bass or Stripers are considered anadromous, this means that they typically live in the saltwater but tend to migrate into freshwater to spawn. They are highly valued as recreational fish for sports and are very well known as the parent fish to the hybrid striped bass. Stripers are commonly known as the ‘rockfish’ in South and North Carolina. Therefore, they are also native to the Atlantic coast of North America. The closest relative to the Striper in the freshwater is the White bass (which is the co-parent to the Hybrid), as well as the yellow bass.

The fish also has delicious meat on it which is why it is often hunted down. Though, some fishers might catch the fish just for fun. Whatever the case might be, a common question asked regarding this variety is “How to hold a striped bass?”. If you are wondering the same thing then going through this article should help you out. This is because we will be providing you with some steps that can be followed to ensure most problems are avoided.

How To Hold A Striped Bass?

If you are trying to catch the fish for its meat, then holding it is not required. The only reason why you would need to do this is if you are trying to catch and release striped bass. When it comes to this people should note that there are several things that they need to look out for. These can help them in catching the fish and then releasing it without having to worry about it getting harmed. You can start by following the steps mentioned below to help you out with the process.

  1. People can usually get barless hooks that can allow them to release the fish quickly.
  2. If you want to bait the fish and take it out from the water, then using circle hooks is a great option. This allows you to bait the fish without having to worry about it getting hurt.
  3. After the fish has been caught, you can grab it by putting one of your hands under its shoulder, while your other hand is below its belly.
  4. Ensuring that you are wearing gloves or have wet hands can further help in avoiding issues.
  5. Most people recommend that you avoid keeping the fish out of water for more than 15 seconds. This is because striped bass can easily die if they are exposed to too much air for a longer time.
  6. When pulling the fish towards yourself, you should always put your hand on the lip of the variety. This allows you to easily pull it towards you without hurting the striped bass.

The steps mentioned above are more than enough to understand how striped bass can be handled. If you are still having trouble, then try watching a video guide so that you can get a better understanding of the process. Aside from this, you must throw the fish back after a few seconds and avoid handling them harshly. This is because the organs on these fish can easily get damaged.

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