How To Ice Fish For Smelt? (Basic Guide)

How To Ice Fish For Smelt
How To Ice Fish For Smelt

Osmerus eperlanus also known as the Smelt fish, is a very small fish usually found in rivers, lakes, and streams. Smelt resembles the Trout fish as well as the salmon because of its elongated shape and silvery color. The size of this fish is most commonly up to 12 inches or less. Though, the largest smelt fish ever found reached up to 15 inches or 37.5 centimeters. It is most commonly found in northern areas in the part of Europe (UK and Ireland) as well as in North America.

Smelt fish usually feed on very tiny plankton-like sea creatures or very small fish which helps in maintaining the ecosystem. Aside from this, the fish usually live near a shore, so it is easier to swim far inland. When capturing the fish, different techniques can be used. Though, people have recently been asking how to ice fish for smelt. You might be thinking about the same thing which is why going through this article should help you in getting an answer.

How To Ice Fish For Smelt?

If you are unfamiliar with what ice fishing is, then keep in mind that this is a practice that involves hunting for fish through the openings in a body of water. The technique is only required when you are fishing during colder temperatures where the top part of the lake or stream might be frozen shut. Luckily, smelt is a variety that roams around during these temperatures which is why this can be one of the most effective techniques to catch them. With that being said, here are some steps that can be used to further help you in ice fishing for smelt.

  1. The first step requires people to decide what equipment they will be using. Smelt are usually small in size which is why using a standard rod and line should be enough. Although, the bait that you will be using can also be quite essential. Planktons are one of the best things to use if you want to attract smelts to your hook.
  2. After your equipment has been prepared, taking your time to find a viable fishing spot is also quite important. This is because it determines if you will be able to find any smelt fish or not. Make sure that you select an area where there have been confirmed sightings of the fish.
  3. The time of day that you are fishing is also quite essential. It is usually recommended that you ice fish while there is still some daylight as this helps in ensuring that you can notice if there are any cracks on the body of ice.
  4. You can now find a hole and throw your bait inside it. Staying patient is the best option but moving around can also help you in speeding up the process. If you notice that a spot has not received any bites for an hour, then simply change the spot to save your time.

The steps provided above are enough to understand how to ice fish for smelt but these can take some time to get used to. This is why make sure that you do so some practice as this helps in catching the fish easily.

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