How To Jig For Striped Bass? (Explained)

How To Jig For Striped Bass
How To Jig For Striped Bass

Striped bass is the tastiest mouth-watering fish that is eaten all around the world. These fish usually swim fast which allows them to catch prey easily. They can be caught and found in the Atlantic Ocean; however, they mainly prefer to stay in the vicinity of the coastline. The fish can tolerate both, salt and fresh water. Stripers do not have eyelids, due to this, they dive deeper into the water to avoid any sunlight. The favorite feed of this fish is clams and bunkers, although striped bass would eat anything. Female Strippers are bigger as compared to male striped bass.

Aside from this younger and smaller stripe, the bass is often called shorts or schoolies. Now that you understand this, another thing to note about the fish is that it is often caught because of its delicious meat. When it comes to this, different techniques can be used. Though, people mostly ask the question “How to jig for striped bass?”. When it comes to this, we will be using this article to provide you with some steps that can be used to help you out.

How To Jig For Striped Bass?

Jigging is the practice of fishing using a jig which is a type of lure used to catch fish. These are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors which is why deciding between them carefully is important. With that being said, here are some simple steps that can be followed to fish for striped bass while avoiding issues.

  1. Jigging for striped bass is both more and less work than casting. The less work just means that you will have to run and gun less. therefore, it is less tiring.
  2. It is highly important to check what time is most suitable for jigging for the striped bass. It is said that April and May or even early fall is the best time to catch this fish.
  3. Aside from this, you have to make sure what areas you are choosing to jig for the striped bass. The striped bass is mostly found in the northeast regions.
  4. It is also important to check and wait for the fish to catch onto your bait. However, this might take some time so it’s necessary to stay as patient as possible.
  5. The bait that you will choose to lure the striped bass can also play a huge role when catching these fish. Most days stripers would eat any bait that is thrown at them. However, there are these days that they will prefer a specific kind of bait. Some of the most enjoyed lures by striped bass include Mackerel, Bunker, porgy, clams, sandworms, eels, and bloodworms.
  6. Lastly, you just have to drop the bait to the bottom of the water. You can choose how deep you think your bait will attract the Striper. Keeping it a maximum depth is the best option But if your prey is still not caught pull back the jig and drop it back into the water. This might take some time, but you will be able to catch onto the fish securely.

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