How To Keep Bread on A Fishing Hook – 3 Suggestions

how to keep bread on a fishing hook
how to keep bread on a fishing hook

Bread is arguably one of the most famous baits used by beginners on their fishing trips. The best thing about this bait is that it is quite easy to manage, and you want to spend any extra budget on this setup. On top of that, you’ll be able to secure consistent results while relying on bread as bait. So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your fishing setup, then sticking with bread is a good choice.
Lately, many anglers have asked about how to keep bread on a fishing hook. If you’re also unsure about how to manage bread on your fishing setup, then the following list should help.

How To Keep Bread on A Fishing Hook

1. Compress Bread

It is quite common to deal with situations where the bread will leave the hook soon after you cast the line. However, this issue can be minimized if you know how to keep bread on a fishing hook. The best method here is to soak the bread in salty water for a few hours one day before your fishing trip. Once the bread is wet and has absorbed all the water, you can then remove the excess water from the container and try to dry it for a few minutes.

Once all the water from the container has been removed, you can use a few sheets of newspaper and put your bread in between them. Make sure to put some weight on the sheets and let the bread compress overnight. Now, you can use this damp bread in your fishing setup, and it is relatively effortless to manage this bread on your hook.

If done correctly, this method will improve the density of the bait, and it won’t break off in the water. So, make sure also to seek help from an expert if you’re having trouble keeping the bait on the hook after following this method.

2. Use Crumbs

Some anglers like to rely on a bread ball to attract the fish in the water. Now, this method is quite easy to manage when you’re new to fishing, but you will likely have to keep changing the bait after every few casts. To improve the consistency of the bread ball, you can rely on the bread crumbs when you’re developing the bait.

Adding crumbs to the sides of the bread ball will support the bait. Also, it won’t break off as easily in the water. So, if you’re struggling to keep the bread on your fishing hook, try creating a mixture that involves a good portion of bread crumbs. Otherwise, the ball will keep breaking off, and you won’t achieve much success with the white bread bait.

Just keep in mind that using too many crumbs can also cause the bread mixture to flake off. So, you have to manage the consistency of the bait accordingly. There is no need to go overboard with the crumb mixture and start with a little amount. That way, you can add more crumbs if the bread is still breaking off in the water.

3. Use Bread Punch

The bread punch can help you manage the shape and the density of the bread pieces. Most of the time, anglers struggling to manage the bread on the hook are using bread flakes. Even though using flakes is an easier option, you will likely struggle with the bait leaving your fishing setup. So, to get around this issue, you should try to use a bread punch on your bread slices.

A bread punch will easily compress small pieces of the bread that you can hook easily to the fishing setup. On the other hand, the flakes will keep breaking from the core. After making the bread chunks from the punch, you can easily pass the hook through them and mold them around the shank.

Make sure to leave the tip of the hook exposed when you’re hooking the bread. That way, it will be easier to manage the catch rate. Plus, the fishing won’t just nibble off of your bread bait. Hopefully, this information will help you keep bread on the fishing hook. To learn more fishing techniques, you should try to ask local experts. They will be able to provide you with the best practices that are viable in your local regions.

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