How To Measure Black Sea Bass? (Explained)

How To Measure Black Sea Bass
How To Measure Black Sea Bass

Black sea bass (Centropristis striata) usually inhabits the continental shallow waters of the eastern United States. These are a member of the family of Serranidae consisting of groupers and true sea basses. These fishes are usually black, however relatively smaller ones. the color is more of a dusky brown shade. Their belly is a little paler than their sides. Black sea bass has fins that are dark consisting of dusky spots, the dorsal fin is marked with a series of different bands and white spots. It is frequently confused with the tautog or striped bass, which is known as the blackfish.

Black sea bass is usually very mild in flavor consisting of a fresh somewhat delicate and tender however firm texture. With that being said, catching fish is a common hobby not only because of how large the variety is but also because its meat can be quite delicious. Though, people often ask the question “How to measure black sea bass?” after it has been captured. Similar queries might cross your mind which is why going through this article should help you in finding a solution.

How To Measure Black Sea Bass?

After catching your fish, trying to measure it is a common activity that helps in finding out the total length of your catch. This is done by making a straight line on the body of your fish and then measuring it carefully. There are certain problems that you can run into during this process which is why staying cautious is important. Once you have your measuring tape with you, the user can then follow the steps provided below to help them out. Make sure that you follow these carefully to avoid problems.

  1. Start by placing your black sea bass on a flat surface. This is necessary as placing it on an uneven surface can cause the readings to be inaccurate.
  2. You can now start measuring the length of your fish in a straight line. Keep in mind that different fish require you to measure them in slightly varying methods. In the case of black sea bass, the measurements should be taken from the middle of the fish.
  3. Start by placing your tape on the mouth of your black sea bass and then run it across the body. The tape should stop at the furthest point of the tail. This does not include the tail filament which is on the top part.
  4. Now take the readings and then flip your fish and repeat the same process. If the measurements were taken properly then the fish should have the same values on both of its sides.
  5. One last thing to ensure is that the tape is kept above the body of your fish. This is because if you try running it on the fish then the tape will form a curve. This causes the readings to be higher than the length of your fish.

The process is overall quite easy, and you should be able to measure your black sea bass using the steps mentioned above. If you are still having trouble, then there are tons of video guides available online that can be used as well.

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