5 Tips On How To Use Raymarine C80

how to use raymarine c80
how to use raymarine c80

Chart plotters like the Raymarine C80 can cost you a few thousand bucks, and it can be somewhat difficult to get used to their performance. It will take a few weeks to get used to this unit, even if you’re an experienced angler. For this reason, you will come across many discussions where anglers are inquiring about how to use Raymarine C80. There is no debate that this system from Raymarine is incredibly efficient and performs well in rough conditions, but getting used to this system is a different story. So, here are some details on how to use Raymarine C80.

How To Use The Raymarine C80

The Raymarine C80 comes with a compact screen and an extensive button layout that helps anglers browse through the accessibility features. From setting up new waypoints to modifying the routes, you have complete control over the navigation. The following steps will further improve your perspective on the performance of the Raymarine C80.

  1. To access the navigation features, you can directly rely on the Waypoint button to place a marker at your current location. This will make your position on the Chart plotter, and you can trace back the routing later in your fishing trip.
  2. If the waypoints are already marked on a different location, just make use of the cursor to access the marker and select the range through the suitable scale. Proceed to define the router and choose the “build new route” option.
  3. While building new routes, you will need to provide two waypoints. One waypoint will be the position of your vessel, and the next waypoint will be your desired location. So, make sure to place markers while browsing the map through the cursor accurately.
  4. Once the waypoints are defined, you can save the route in the Chart plotter, and it will project the best possible way for your vessel. You can further rely on the undo button to remove any missed inputs or inaccurate waypoints while creating the new routes.
  5. Lastly, you just have to use the go-to option to follow the route. This will open up a list of all saved routes on your Chart plotter, and you can move the cursor to pick the route that you wish to follow. Select the desired route and then define the starting point. At this point, you can rely on the display to guide you through the saved route accurately.

Overall, these were the basic navigation features that you can use through the C80 Chart plotter by Raymarine. While this unit does offer a ton of other smart features, you can rely on these basics to navigate through any fishing trip. Just make sure that the waypoints are accurate and the routing is safe before forwarding commands to your smart system.

On the other hand, if you’re struggling with the radar system or the fish finder is not working, then your best bet is to spend some time with an expert. Going on a few fishing trips with a local expert will help you keep track of the basics, and you won’t have to waste much time. So, make sure to reach out and seek guidance from local experts.

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