Largemouth Bass vs Striped Bass (Comparison)

Largemouth Bass vs Striped Bass
Largemouth Bass vs Striped Bass

Bass is a general name given to different species of fish that live in freshwater as well as saltwater. The species of bass are usually considered quite delicious as their meat is delicate and flavorful. The bass commonly has a very large mouth that helps people in distinguishing them. However, some species might not have it so keep that in mind. The appearance usually slightly differs from specie to specie. Fishing for bass is typically easy but it depends mostly on the water levels and temperature.

These fishes tend to avoid sunlight and dive deeper into the water if it’s a sunny day. they mostly feed in all seasons but feed very less when water is colder. With that being said, two of the most common types of bass that you might come across include largemouth and striped bass. Both of these are amazing, but they are also quite similar. This is why people often get confused between them when trying to decide which fish to catch. You might run into a similar problem which is why going through the comparison provided below should help you out.

Largemouth Bass vs Striped Bass

Largemouth Bass

The largemouth bass is a carnivorous freshwater fish that is from the species of black bass. These are native to the central and eastern United States, as well as northern Mexico. Though, the variety has also been introduced to other regions because of its characteristics. These fish are often considered gamefish because of their large size and speed. Aside from this, the variety is also quite aggressive as it ambushes and attacks its prey whenever it gets a chance.

One major issue with this behavior is that it makes the fish vulnerable to larger fish while it is hunting down its prey. In most cases, male largemouth bass is hunted down by anglers while they are trying to hunt for smaller fish. When it comes to the meat found in this fish, people should note that it has a delicate flavor. This can be too mild for some people and the taste also tends to be quite fishy. This is one of the main reasons why the meat in this variety is disliked by most users. You will notice people getting other varieties instead as they taste much better.

The largemouth bass is also the largest species of black bass that can be caught. The maximum size recorded was a fish with 29.5 inches in length and a weight of about 25 pounds. While average sizes of the fish are slightly lower, you should note that these can live up to 10 to 16 years. The fish are also quite easy to catch as long as you select the fishing rod and line carefully. This helps in ensuring that the line does not break while you are trying to pull the fish out of the water.

Striped Bass

Striped bass, also sometimes known as Atlantic striped bass, is a famous variety of fish that is caught all around the world. These are found primarily along the Atlantic coast of North America, but the fish has quickly spread to other regions as well. These fish are also quite popular when it comes to inland recreational fisheries that are spread across the United States. The mass of the fish is around 31 kg while they are adults.

Though this can vary heavily depending on the area you decide to catch the fish from. The main reason why this variety is so popular is because of its taste. The fish has a mild fillet that comes with a sweet aftertaste. This paired up with the lack of fishy flavor makes the meat similar to anchovy and salmon. If cooked properly, the fish has firm white meat, making it one of the best choices for grilled fish.

Aside from this, another great thing about striped bass meat is that it can be cooked using different methods. This allows people to alter the flavors according to their preferences. Just make sure that you carefully add the seasoning and sauces as these might overpower the meat. With that being said, most people should be able to understand how these fish are different from each other. If you are still having trouble, then try comparing the meat side by side to help you out.

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