Lightning Kayak vs Hobie- Which Brand Is Better?

lightning kayak vs hobie
lightning kayak vs hobie

Depending upon the budget, you can browse through many kayak brands online to find the perfect fit for you. As kayaks can be a substantial expense for most users, it is best to put some research into the kayak before making the purchase. Asking an expert or reading reviews online are two of the most reliable methods of gaining perspective on your purchase. By following this method, you can save a lot of money long term. To help you get a clear understanding, let’s cover the differences between two of the most popular brands, Lightning Kayak vs Hobie. So, follow through if you were planning on buying a kayak from either one of these brands.

Lightning Kayak vs Hobie Comparison Guide

Lightning Kayak

Just like Hobie, Lightning Kayak brings a stable design for their premium models. The difference in the shape and the size of the kayak is quite apparent. Hobie kayaks have more length as compared to the Lightning Kayak. Keeping the Hobie outback model under consideration, you will notice that the front of the outback is pointier. It also has a separate handle to move the kayak. However, in the lightning kayak, there is no attached handle, and you can grab the frame to pull the kayak out of the water.

The front hatch on the Lightning Kayak is far larger than the Hobie brands and brings in more storage capacity. So, if you’re annoyed with having limited storage space on the kayaks, the Lightning Kayak might be the perfect option for you. However, because of this bigger hatch, many people have pointed issues with water coming into the kayak. While on the Hobie Outback, you don’t have to concern yourself with such issues.

The drive on the Hobie kayak is also superior to the Lightning Kayak. You can’t go in reverse on travel at a faster pace while on Lightning Kayak. Luckily, you can upgrade the drive on your Lightning kayak if you have an extra budget.

All in all, Lightning Kayaks are perfect for people on a budget. Even though there are cheaper models available on the Hobie website, the outback can cost you upwards of 2500 dollars. So, if you can’t afford to set aside this amount of money, then Lightning Kayaks might be a better fit for you. They might be somewhat inferior in quality when compared to the premium Hobie kayaks, but you still get exceptional stability and durability with this brand.


With many different models available on the market, you will often notice anglers talk about the Outback version. This Kayak is sufficiently longer in length and brings in a slim design when compared with the Lightning kayak. The Hobie Outback is one of the most known premium kayaks currently in the market. It brings the superior drive along with a better hatch system to keep the water out of the kayak. Even though you might have to pay around three thousand dollars to get this kayak, you won’t regret this purchase decision.

This kayak comes ready to go with a lot of regulations and bungees to hold your gear while fishing. As far as the seat of the kayak is concerned, the Hobie Outback brings in a more stable seat with complete comfort. However, you are limited with the personalization options as you can’t adjust the seat as well as the Lightning Kayaks. The materials used for the Lightning Kayaks might be inferior, but you get a wide range of personalization options for the kayak.

Both kayaks are equipped with sufficient paddle and rod holders for better convenience. The handlers on the bottom of the seat make it easier for anglers to carry the kayak. However, on the Lightning kayaks, you get cutouts in the frame that are a bit uncomfortable to deal with. The space on the back of the Outback is also far superior to the Lightning Kayak. It also offers you better management of your gear.

Overall, both of these kayaks bring unique value to the table. If you’re looking for a stable kayak on a budget and don’t care much about the build quality, then Lightning Kayak is the better option. However, if you want the top-tier kayak with plenty of additional features, then Outback is the better option for you.

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