Lowrance Hook Reveal vs Hook2 – What To Choose?

lowrance hook reveal vs hook2
lowrance hook reveal vs hook2

The Hook series from Lowrance now includes an unprecedented amount of high-performance features thanks to the company’s recent expansion of that series. Hook1 and Hook2 were made available to the public in 2016 and 2018, respectively. Along with a bunch of other brand-new features, Hook Reveal is now accessible, and it comes bundled with FishReveal. By examining their unique differences, let’s compare Hook Reavel with Hook 2 to determine which one is better and why

Lowrance Hook Reveal vs Hook2 Comparison

Lowrance Hook Reveal

Before this version, the only computers capable of using FishReveal were the Simrad NSS Evo2 and Evo3 series, as well as the HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3, and Elite Ti and Ti2 machines. In the end, it was incorporated into the Hook Reveal. As a consequence of this, FishReveal displays data from both Sonar and DownScan on the same screen, giving anglers the ability to observe the structure of the water in addition to the bottom of the body of waterFurthermore, it enhances strong Sonar returns and filters out weaker ones, allowing it to present an image of what Fish is doing that is significantly crisper and more complete, containing massive clear Fish arches and downscan information in its entirety.

In contrast to the past, there will be nowhere for the Fish to hide, when the sonar would have utterly destroyed them. Hook Reveal combos have these choices available in addition to the CMAP and Genesis Live mapping options. Genesis Live is slightly different from CMAP in that it allows you to create custom high-detail contour maps, then overlay these on your existing CMAP display. A sonar that combines CHIRP, SideScan, and DownScan into a single unit provides you with a comprehensive view of the area around your boat. In addition to the features that have made you fall in love with the Hook2 series, the new Hook reveal comes equipped with a fully automated CHIRP sonar system, Trackback Sonar, and a high-resolution SolarMAX display. There is a 5″, 7″, and 9″ version of the Hook Reveal available to purchase.

Lowrance Hook 2

The Hook2 from Lowrance is an attractive option for individuals just beginning their journey into high-performance electronics because it offers the most user-friendly interface currently on the market. On the water, you are at liberty to engage in any activity you like; no additional requirements are placed upon you. There is no need to worry about getting things going because all of the necessary information for navigation has already been directly downloaded onto the device.

In addition, Hook2 offers its customers a variety of track plotters, which are perfect for boat owners who do not require an extensive mapping system. These track plotters can be used to design routes on maps. Users can quickly access all of the options, adjust the Sonar displayed on the screen, and choose from a variety of page layouts with just one thumb because of the interface’s easy design. The SplitShot and the TripleShot (3 in 1) are the names given to the two different types of fish finders currently available for purchase on the market. These two different versions of fish finders each include CHIRP, Down Scan, and StructureScan capabilities. In addition to having the dependability and quality one would anticipate from a device created by Lowrance, their prices are very competitive. They offer a great deal of value for the money.

Overall, the most apparent difference between the Lowrance HOOK2 and the Lowrance HOOK Reveal is that the HOOK Reveal is packed with Fish Reveal and Genesis Live mapping functionality in addition to all of the same functions as HOOK2, while the HOOK2 does not. Fish Reveal is a game-changing piece of software, particularly for anglers with little to no experience, due to the fact that it enables users to locate Fish in relation to structure.

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