Malibu X13 Kayak Review – Worth The Purchase?

malibu x13 kayak review
malibu x13 kayak review

When you’re trying to find a new kayak for your fishing trips, speed or stability is your only concern. Most of the time, you will be better off with a kayak that doesn’t flip under load. A good foundation is necessary for anglers to establish their style. However, if you have decent experience under your belt and are here to save money, then slimmer and compact units are better for you. Recently, the Malibu X13 kayak has become the talk of the town with its amazing features. This kayak is pretty decent and boasts phenomenal value for the anglers. Let’s cover a review for the Malibu X13 Kayak to discuss more about this.

Malibu X13 Kayak Review

This kayak is known for its unique design and offers amazing handling to the users. Even though this unit is not the easiest to handle, anglers have said great things about the performance-oriented hull brought forward by this unit. This hull has a great role to play in stabilizing the boat in rough water conditions, and you won’t have to think about the kayak rolling under heavier waves. So, keep that in mind if you’re trying to find a new fishing spot.

The Malibu X13 unit further maintains a good spot with better storage and an elegant design. You will enjoy built-in paddle holders, and the versatility of this kayak makes it one of the most in-demand options in the market. From novice anglers to experts, every angler makes use of this unit for their fishing trip. So, if you’re trying to take your trip to the next level, Malibu X13 is for you.

As far as the quality of the seat is concerned, the Malibu X13 can be considered subpar. Even though the seat is not too bad, you will still run into a few comfortability-related issues in the Malibu X13 unit. Other than that, this kayak is pretty solid and will last you for several years. Many anglers try to upgrade the seat and install a better unit that matches their comfortable demands. You should follow the same method if you have a bit of extra cash on the side.

The carrying capacity of the Malibu X13 is perfect for one perfect. You will enjoy a polyethylene hull, and this unit can be moved easily by a single person. So, you don’t have to worry about running into transportation-related issues after spending a bit of cash on this kayak. Just make sure that your grip handles are in good shape and the hull is smooth after receiving delivery of the unit.

Overall, the Malibu X13 is a great model with a ton of utility features for anglers. It has a compact design but offers sufficient space for all of your equipment. Moreover, the weight of this kayak is minimal, and it is not that hard for a single person to move this unit from one spot to another. So, make sure to try out the Malibu X13 if you’re trying to find a good kayak for the next season.

How Does It Compare To Trident 15?

When it comes to storage and stability, the Trident 15 will always present a better value to the anglers. However, this better value from the Trident 15 will come at the cost of the decreased speed. On top of that, you will struggle to move this unit from one spot to another while using the same fishing system. So, you need to keep this information in mind when choosing between these two models. Most of the time, the Malibu X13 is better for a faster fishing experience.

The storage on the Malibu X13 might not be as much as the Trident 15, but you’ll still enjoy decent speed. After a few weeks, you will get used to the stability brought forward by the Malibu X13. So, there is no harm in going with the Malibu X13 over the Trident 15 if you wish to save money and don’t want to commit your funds to a larger kayak. It all comes down to your fishing requirements, and going with Malibu X13 is better when you need a faster kayak. On the other hand, going with Trident 15 is better when you need a more comfortable and stable system.

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