Marine GPS Without Fishfinder – Everything To Know

marine gps without fishfinder
marine gps without fishfinder

The GPS features on your Fishfinder are crucial for managing the final performance of your fishing system. While you will be saving a bit of money on units that don’t have GPS plotting features, you will be missing out on a ton of utility. So, it is always better to stick to an option that brings a comprehensive value package to your existing system. Several owners have shown their interest in Marine GPS without Fishfinder. These options can be somewhat cheaper for most anglers and eliminate the need for switching to newer models after every few years.

Marine GPS Without Fishfinder 

It is pretty hard to find a marine GPS without a fish finder in the current market. The majority of vendors have shifted towards the inclusion of fish finders and other accessibility features in their setup. The best option for you is to rely on GPS applications if you’re sticking with a tight budget. The integration of these units might be hard, but they will save you a lot of money. Just follow these steps to get the desired performance.

  • You will have to start with creating a spot for your tablet or iOS gadgets on the boat. Depending upon the size of the tablet, it shouldn’t be that difficult to purchase a reliable gadget holder from the market.
  • Now, you need to integrate this gadget with a reliable network that doesn’t go out of range within your fishing range. Otherwise, the GPS applications will prove to be useless when you go out of their effective range.
  • After fixing network connections, installing applications like Navionics or iSailor will be perfect to match the requirements of your fishing system consistently. The Navionics app is the leader in this segment, with seamless pairing options with new and existing charts.
  • At this stage, you can benefit from the GPS features available through these apps, along with all the routes and waypoints specified by community members. Further tracks can be shared through social media networks to further add to the value proposition.
  • Anglers can further opt for Navigation Chart plotters units for a dedicated GPS that won’t bring any Fishfinder features to your setup. So, if you’re not that excited about setting up a new tablet with Navionics on your boat, then going with these dedicated units should be your best option. Otherwise, you will have to set aside some budget to include new holders and waterproof protectors for these gadgets.

According to most users, it is always better to purchase units with maximum utility features like depth and fish finders. These features might not seem like much in the beginning, but they do add a ton of value to the majority of users. So, you’ll be better off with these options instead of going with Marine GPS without a Fishfinder.

The primary issues with these GPS units will be the dealer’s reliability and availability. In case of any issues, you won’t have any immediate support, and claiming a warranty on these units can also be an extensive process. So, keep these drawbacks in mind when you’re struggling with the unit.

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