Navionics For iPad Review – A Conclusive Verdict

navionics for ipad review
navionics for ipad review

Investing in a complete sonar system can be pretty expensive, and you will have to go out of budget to purchase a compatible unit for your boat. Not every angler has the money or the time to install a complete Sonar system on their boat. So, you will notice many anglers going with alternatives like Navionics to save on the massive expenses associated with the sonar units. More and more anglers are now relying on Navionics for the iPad, and it is the perfect system for casual users. Even though the quality of results and the overall experience can’t be matched with a comprehensive Sonar system, it is still pretty great when you’re talking about attention to detail. So, here are some specifics on Navionics for iPad.

Navionics For iPad Review

Navionics for iPad brings a pretty responsive system to the users that make it effortless to benefit from customized layers. Anglers can easily zoom in and out of Sonar charts without updating charts before every use. Moreover, the integrated system enables anglers with a consistent system that updates every month. The pricing is also pretty minimal for this subscription at a little higher than 25 pounds.

However, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. You will likely run into issues with deciding the market layer. There are no dedicated navigation features that allow you to modify waypoints to your current locations or defined starting points. So, keep that in mind if you’re thinking of putting your money into Navionics for iPad.

For most anglers, the comprehensive Navigation system brought forward by this app is more than enough to justify the subscription fee. You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on this unit to benefit from the stored charts and hot regions where you can secure a consistent catch rate. So, if you’re currently short on cash and don’t really wish to put hundreds of dollars into developing a complete system with the display, then try out Navionics for iPad.

The best thing about Navionics for iPad is its easy installation. You don’t need any extensive knowledge of the chart plotting unit or about the management of the transducer angler to make use of the system. Instead, you can simply use your iPad to download the application and then access the stored charts to navigate your way through the fishing trip.

This application has undoubtedly made it easy for anglers to get through the fishing season without putting their money into a Garmin or Lowrance fish finder. Even if you’re planning on saving up for a new fish finder, the minimal 25-pound monthly fee is not that significant compared to the price of a new fish finder. This investment is more than justified when your account for all the navigation benefits. So, make sure to test out this application on your next trip.

Overall, Navionics for iPad is a great option, and it eliminates the need to spend money on a new display. You can subscribe to the service directly and pay for the stored charts to navigate through your next trip. It might take some time to get used to the charts at first, but once you’re confident in their interpretation, there isn’t a better choice in the market.

How Does It Compare To iNavX?

While iNavX might seem like the more established option, its layout and features are not as polished as Navionics. It is true that you will be paying a bit less budget for this option, but the difference in quality is too significant. So, your focus should be on making the most out of your investment and going with Navionics.

As far as the basic number of updates and battery chart layering is concerned, Navionics is the market leader. No other app or service provider can even come close to replicating their results. So, instead of only considering the price point, keep track of the features offered by Navionics. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase, and it will perfectly match your fishing requirements. Moreover, the user-friendly layout is easier to get used to, and you won’t have to spend as much time trying to learn the basics. For this reason, you should avoid wasting your time with iNavX.

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