Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed Review – Worth Buying?

okuma metaloid 2 speed review
okuma metaloid 2 speed review

Even though Okuma fishing reels are pretty popular in the market when you’re looking at the mid-range options, Shimano still maintains the top spot with phenomenal fishing reels. The only issue is that you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars over the cost of Okuma fishing reels to get a unit from Shimano. So, you’ll have to save up some budget if you want to switch to premium fishing reels from this brand. On the other hand, if you’re not into sports fishing and want a decent mid-range reel, then going with options like Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed is not a bad idea. Even though this is not the cheapest reel, the price point is pretty reasonable. So, here is a review on the Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed.

Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed Review

While the standard Metaloid unit from Okuma was pretty popular in the community, this compact version of the Okuma Metaloid brings more control to the anglers. You can easily switch between the two-speed settings by cycling through the buttons on the side of the handle. The Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed further offers an all-aluminum structure and incredible durability to the users. Moreover, the corrosive-resistant coating keeps the unit safe in demanding situations.

With four ball bearings and stainless-steel gears, you will get phenomenal drag performance from Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed. The cast control system might be missing on this unit, but you won’t have to worry about any control issues because of the smaller size of the spool. Moreover, the precise increments in the drag system add to the efficiency of the fishing reel.

The high gear ratio of 6.4:1 is also pretty decent when you compare this compact unit with some of the other Okuma models on the market. Moreover, you can switch to a lower ratio by pressing the button on the side of the reel. So, depending on the fishing conditions, you will have complete control over the gear ratio engaged in your fishing reel.

The main selling point for Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed is the perfect balance between the lighter weight and the durable build quality. It is not that difficult to service this reel, and you can keep this unit functional for years without much effort. So, if you’re not a fan of the wider spool on the standard Metaloid model, and need more control over the speed of the retrieve, then going with Metaloid 2 Speed is the best option for you.

Overall, the only limiting factor about this fishing reel is the line capacity. So, if you’re thinking of casting over longer distances and fishing in tough situations, then it might not be such a good idea. Moreover, the increased size of the braid will further reduce the length of the line wound around the spool. So, make sure to find a decent fishing line from brands like PowerPro if you’re looking for a thin diameter and amazing abrasion resistance. These lines might be a bit expensive, but you will benefit from phenomenal fishing results by sticking with these options.

How Does It Compare To Daiwa BG Series?

It is common knowledge that reels from Daiwa outperform Okuma when it comes to heavy-duty applications. The BG series brings the perfect range of options to the anglers and maintains a higher level of performance consistency. Anglers believe Okuma to be a cheaper option and don’t give much respect to the more robust units like Okuma Metaloid. So, you’ll find many experts leaning towards the BG series from Daiwa instead of the Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed variant because of the larger spool size and better durability.

Even though it is easier for anglers to manage the smaller Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed unit, the cast control performance from Daiwa is pretty exceptional. You won’t lose control over the line even with the larger spool, and the increased line capacity allows you more freedom to cast over long distances. So, if you’re not struggling with the budget, it is not a bad idea to go with Daiwa BG. The only thing bad about Daiwa BG is that it is heavier than Okuma Metaloid 2 Speed. Other than that, you won’t be disappointed by adding this reel to your fishing system.

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