Penn Slammer 3 Problems with 6 Basic Fixes To Try

penn slammer 3 problems
penn slammer 3 problems

The Slammer series from Penn is one of the most heavy-duty fishing reels that you can find on the market. This brand is famous for its amazing lineups and models when it comes to a fishing reel. The majority of experts eventually shift to Penn because of the better price point and the durability of their units. The minor issues with these fishing reels are pretty easy to maneuver through. On top of that, the customer support is pretty responsive when it comes to Penn. So, even if you’re having problems with Penn Slammer 3, going through basic troubleshooting methods or calling the dealer should eliminate the problem. Here is a list of potential situations that you might have to deal with.

How to Fix Penn Slammer 3 Problems

1. Clicking Noise

The first issue that owners have pointed out is that the Penn Slammer 3 will sometimes make a clicking noise after extended use. This problem is most commonly linked to loose components in your fishing reel. So, this issue is not that serious, and you just have to check for loose parts inside your reel.

Start by removing the side cover from your reel and then tighten up all loose sections. If there is something broken inside the reel, then calling customer support is your best bet.

2. Drag Issues

Drag issues are also pretty common when you’re dealing with Penn Slammer 3. Almost all the time, this issue with the Penn Slammer 3 is caused by ignored servicing requirements. So, if you’ve not cleaned the reel in a long time,

then that is likely why you’re running into this problem. Setting some time aside each month to clean the fishing reel will help you avoid this issue in the future.

For now, you should open up the reel and remove any debris or dirt lodged in the drag system. Once the unit is clean, you can test out the drag features again, and there won’t be any problems with Penn Slammer.

3. Rough Performance

The Penn Slammer 3 is famous for smooth casting and handling in rough conditions. However, anglers have mentioned that the smoothness of this fishing reel deteriorated over time. Luckily, you can still fix this issue by using a bit of grease from the market.

All you have to do is open up the reel and add more lubricant to the drag system as well as the bearings. This will eliminate any smoothness issues with the reel, and you will enjoy the same casting performance.

4. Bearing Issues

The grease on the bearings can go bad even if you’ve just recently purchased the unit. So, you will need to remove the existing grease from the bearings and then add fresh lubricant to the bearings to get the desired performance.

To remove the existing grease, you can rely on any cleaner from the market. Once the old grease is removed from the bearings, make sure to add an optimal quantity of grease to the bearings and then put everything back into place.

5. Harder To Reel

The performance of the reel can also deteriorate by a huge margin when you go overboard with the grease use. While it is good to add grease to the unit, going overboard with the grease can make it harder to reel. So, your best chance to fix this issue is to remove the excess grease from the unit.

Open up the side plate for the fishing reel, and then wipe away the excess with a clean cloth. After that, you can put everything back in its place and try the system again.

6. Maintenance Problems

While it might not seem like an issue, maintenance difficulties can lead to a ton of problems in the long run. Owners have pointed out that this unit is hard to service, and the only effective method of troubleshooting this problem is learning from an expert. That way, you can learn some handy tricks to minimize the time it takes to service the unit.

Other than that, complete servicing instructions are available in the owner’s manual. So, go through the instructions if some component is isn’t coming out from the reel. Hopefully, that will fix the performance issues with your reel.

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