Pflueger Supreme XT vs Patriarch – The Best Pick?

pflueger supreme xt vs patriarch
pflueger supreme xt vs patriarch

The Pflueger reels might not seem that attractive when you are trying to purchase an exceptional and premium unit, it is still better than Shimano and Daiwa when you’re talking about affordable reels. So, if you’re not that sold on spending close to a thousand dollars on a new fishing system, then going with Pflueger is your best bet. This brand brings many great models like Pflueger Supreme XT and Patriarch to the anglers. Both of these models have proven to be incredibly successful for Pflueger, and you will find many beginners making use of these options. So, if you’re also interested in these models from Pflueger, then these details about Supreme XT vs Patriarch will prove to be useful.

Pflueger Supreme XT vs Patriarch Comparison

Pflueger Supreme XT

The Pflueger Supreme XT brings a ten-bearing system with a magnesium body and a sealed carbon drag system. As far as the gear ratio is concerned, you will get 5.2:1, and the weight on this reel is not that heavy. You will enjoy an amazing retrieve rate, and many anglers move toward this model because of its lower price. However, there are a few complications that discourage anglers from putting their money into this reel.

The biggest issue with the structure of the Supreme XT is that it is hard to service, and you will have to spend hours cleaning the reel. The holes in the spool trap dirt, and you won’t be able to get the system working again after the spool is lodged with dirt. On top of that, some anglers had poor experiences with the braided line getting entangled in the bail. So, you need to keep all of these issues in mind when you’re looking at the Supreme XT.

When compared with the Patriarch, you will immediately notice the better structure and the durable build on the Patriarch model. The Supreme XT might be a good reel, but it doesn’t come close to the performance offered by Patriarch. Moreover, you will struggle with maintaining the performance of this model even if you service it every month. So, you can think of Supreme XT as the inferior unit next to Patriarch.

Overall, when you’re looking at the Supreme XT in isolation, the value proposition is not that bad. You will get an extremely lightweight system with a solid aluminum spool and a carbon drag system. After a few weeks of practice, you will have perfect control over the casting distance and precision with this reel. So, if you’re struggling with the budget, then going with Supreme XT is not that poor of an option.

Pflueger Patriarch

The Patriarch is one of the most popular and established models from this brand and brings years of consistent performance to the anglers. When compared with the Supreme XT, you will get a better gear ratio, handle design, and braking system. Moreover, the casting smoothness from this reel is much better than the Supreme XT. So, even if you’ll be saving a few bucks going with the Supreme XT, the incredible value from Patriarch makes it the better option.

The best thing about this reel sit hat you will get a dual cast control system. This mechanism will not only increase the accuracy of your system, but you will enjoy a smoother system. The line will simply glide off the spool, and it is pretty easy to control the precision of the cast. So, if you’re struggling with line management, then this reel might just be the right fit for you.

As far as the market sentiment is concerned, every angler will go with Patriarch over the Supreme XT for their fishing system. You should follow the same trend and try to stick with Patriarch even if you’re short on budget. Waiting for a few weeks and going with Patriarch will be much better for your season, and you won’t have to think about changing the reel for years.

Overall, Patriarch is the right unit for you and will consistently outperform other reels in the market. It offers a durable build and an amazing braking system that will help you in extended fights. These features are missing in the Supreme XT, and you should try to go with the Patriarch by extending your budget.

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