Piscifun Alijos Review – Everything To Know

piscifun alijos review
piscifun alijos review

The market sentiment on the Piscifun is not that positive, even though the reels from this brand provide great value to the owners. These reels are some of the best in the market when you’re talking value for money. You won’t find any brand that can come close to the performance of Piscifun while maintaining the same price point. So, if you’re only looking for affordability, then options like Piscifun Alijos should be first on your list. This Baitcaster features an amazing aluminum frame while maintaining elegant fishing. You won’t have to speed more than 70 bucks on this reel. If you’re interested in Piscifun Alijos, here is a review that will help you figure out just how good it is.

Piscifun Alijos Review

Some of the more exceptional features offered by this reel are enhanced power and complete control over windy situations. Even though the casting distance on this reel is not that great, you will still enjoy a decent performance in creeks and closer regions. On top of that, the precision of the drag system is also a great selling point. So, you will enjoy a complete fishing experience while sticking to the same 70-dollar budget.

Anglers are pretty happy with the elegant design of the stainless-steel handle with an aluminum frame. The maximum use of aluminum contributes to decreasing the weight of the reel while also adding to its durability. You won’t feel any extra weight on the rod with this Baitcaster from Alijos. So, if you’re using a lighter line with a basic bait, then Piscifun Alijos should be your next option.

The only bad thing about this reel is that the spool can sometimes feel hard to turn. This issue can be pretty annoying as you will feel some resistance through the spool, and the fight will become pretty uncomfortable. However, this issue with the spool not turning properly can also be linked to ignored maintenance of the reel. So, you should try to source some reel oiler and check its performance again.

The build quality offered by Piscifun is not meant to last in demanding conditions, and you should focus more on sticking with lighter regions. While the structure of this reel is not that bad, it is still better for you to avoid putting extra strain on the reel. Along with that, make sure to use a reel oiler after every few weeks, and your unit will remain in perfect shape. Overall, Piscifun Alijos is a good option for anglers that are not willing to spend more than 70 dollars on a new Baitcaster.

This reel doesn’t only provide a light frame, but the smoothness of the cast is also pretty decent. Even though there have been a few complaints on the performance of this reel here and there, all of these issues were linked with ignored maintenance. So, just make sure to service the reel and then check the responsiveness of the spool. You won’t have to worry about the same issues with the retrieve rate after using an oiler stick.

How Does It Compare To KastKing Kapstan?

Even though KastKing Kapstan is a fair bit more expensive than the Piscifun Alijos, it doesn’t mean that you will get an amazing performance from this reel. Several experts have pointed out that the KastKing Kapstan unit can’t compete with this Baitcaster from Piscifun. So, you should follow a similar approach and stick with KastKing Kapstan if you’re struggling with the fishing performance. Not only will you be saving a lot of money, but you will also enjoy amazing fishing results. For this reason, you will be much better off with Piscifun Alijos when comparing it with KastKing.

The customer response to the Piscifun Alijos has been overwhelmingly positive, with thousands of anglers supporting this reel. Even when you’re not planning on spending an inflated budget, this reel will help you enjoy a complete fishing trip. When you have enough money saved up, there is no harm in upgrading to brands like Shimano and Daiwa. However, if you’re new to fishing and don’t really want to spend thousands of dollars on developing your fishing system, then going with the Piscifun system over KastKing will serve you perfectly. Try asking local experts for a better perspective on the performance of this reel in your fishing region.

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