5 Quick Fixes For Raymarine Autopilot Problems

raymarine autopilot problems
raymarine autopilot problems

A few of the commonly encountered Raymarine Autopilot problems include

  1. An irresponsive screen
  2. Appearance of lines on the screen
  3. The appearance of moving lines on the screen
  4. A poorly responsive Rudder bar display
  5. Autopilot track holding slow

Unfortunately, if you’re also facing one of these issues, here’s a detailed guide to fixing it.

Raymarine Autopilot Problems:

  1. An Unresponsive Screen 

Many users have frequently complained regarding the screen display going blank. In case the screen display goes blank, ensure you have an adequate power supply to the primary system. A blank screen doesn’t indicate a faulty system. It is usually the lack of power supply that leads to the blackout. Once you’re satisfied that there’s ample power supply to the main system, look for any broken circuits.

A circuit breaker is not very common but can occur occasionally. In this case, you will have to get it replaced. You’ll have to unscrew the main system to identify a circuit breaker. Look for any burnt wire or a leftover burning smell. Changing the circuit is not that hard; you can do it yourself if you think you’re well equipped. Otherwise, reach out to a certified electrician. It is advisable to replace it with the original company for the better health of your marine gadget.

  1. Appearance Of Lines On The Screen

Do not worry about staring at blank dashes on the screen. The blank dashes in no way indicate a faulty display. The good thing is, that it tells you that the display is working and the system is adequately supplied by power. The blank dashes indicate that the main control unit no longer receives data. Most of the data is transferred to the main control unit; from there, it is processed and provides input to the display.

Change the connecting cables to fix the static appearance of dashes on the Raymarine autopilot display.

  1. The Appearance Of Moving Lines On The Screen

Another common glitch in the Raymarine autopilot display is the appearance of moving dashes on the screen. These dashes or lines appear for a short duration and go away independently. There’s no way to fix the appearance of moving dashes because it’s not an internal glitch. It’s the system taking its time to relocate the compass. The compass alignment is crucial for proper navigation. Patiently wait for the relocation process to compete. It is advisable not to switch off the main system or press extra buttons on the screen is advisable. Just wait for the entire process out, and once the compass has been relocated to the best satisfaction of the system, the display will return to normal.

  1. A Poorly Responsive Rudder Bar Display

The rudder display bar stops responding as it should. You’re not alone if you struggle with this display bar. There are two rudder positions, the red rudder, and the green rudder. Interchanging the two rudders at the sensor connection point helps fix the problem you’re facing.

The rudders don’t get faulty that quickly. The poor sensitivity and interchangeability between the two rudders interfere with the display bar handling.

  1. Autopilot Track Holding Slow

The Autopilot track not responding can cause some severe worry. However, if it is a minor glitch, you can fix it in no time. The boat speed is available through SeaTalk. Please ensure you always have boat speed access in case you don’t access it through SeaTalk. The autopilot track holding slows down if the tide speed exceeds 35% of the set speed and in a situation where the tide speed is high, and the boat speed is not available, consider changing the cruise speed settings.

The cruise speed settings can be changed from the Dealer calibration and matched according to the boat’s cruising speed. This is more of a technical glitch, and it is necessary to read the user manual before operating the system. To have more grip on the system, it is essential to be familiar with all the technical details before you go out on a cruise. Once you’re in the open, an issue of this sort can lead to many waves of panic that can be easily avoided if one knows what they’re doing and how to handle tricky situations like these.

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