Raymarine Axiom 7 Reviews (What To Know Before Purchase)

raymarine axiom 7 reviews
raymarine axiom 7 reviews

The Raymarine Axiom 7 is a device you can’t ignore. It’s not your typical chart plotter and is not only restricted to conventional fishers and anglers but is also targeted toward recreational sailors. It is a fast-processing date system for all age groups. The striking feature is the easy accessibility of various applications like Spotify and Netflix. So, the next time you plan a fishing trip, you no longer have to sit and wait for hours doing nothing. You can make the best of your time with all the apps a touch away.

Raymarine Axiom 7 Review:

Are you wondering why Raymarine Axiom 7? 

The list is long and impressive if you want to count down the features. With the CHIRP Sonar technology assisted with High-Definition display, you get a good view of the surroundings. The charting options are extensive and rely on multiple sources. The system is inbuilt with reliable Wi-Fi and networking. The Raymarine Axiom, unlike the previous models, is well adjusted and compatible with multiple devices simultaneously.

The Axiom & comes in 3 varieties. The Axiom 7 is a basic Chartplotter and might not seem appealing to new anglers. However, for experienced anglers and fishers, it’s the complete package one can ask for. The Axiom 7 DV comes with an inbuilt CHIRP sonar and down vision, which helps broaden the frame. Lastly, the Axiom 7 RV is loaded with features, along with the CHIRP sonar and down vision used in the Axiom 7 DV; the Axiom 7 uses the side vision and the 3 dimensioned real vision.

  1. Display

The display is undoubtedly the most appealing aspect of a Raymarine device. The Raymarine Axiom & stands out, but it offers a display that helps you fulfil all purposes. The display is well lit with good graphics and has adequate width to help fishers conveniently chart plots and find fish.

The developers have also used the hybrid Multi-function display (MFD) in this model. The screen can be operated through two modes: either using a keypad or a precise touch screen to move around the screen. The touch screen is handy because it helps you zoom in and out on maps, giving you a better navigation image. A good display gives you more command over your device and is an essential feature.

The Raymarine Axiom 7 allows easy screenshotting, a relatively new feature not introduced in the previous models.

  1. Imaging

If you haven’t used imaging so far, you’re definitely in for a treat. The Raymarine Axiom offers a side vision, down vision, and a 3D view. Collectively these views give an in-depth analysis of the underwaters. This intelligent technology shows more than the naked eye can see. The Realview vision allows you to focus in and out of images giving a detailed description of the surroundings.

The imagining on the Axiom 7 relays on the 380kHz transducer. It’s not one of the best transducers available, but it does its job pretty well with the price you’re paying.

  1. Navigation

The Axiom & comes with an inbuilt memory where countless maps and navigation points are stored already. The sonar system helps identify birds’ flocks, indicating where the fish is. The Raymarine Axiom & allows you to compile all your waypoints together. Finding your way around the waters is easy when you group similar waypoints.

This system has impressive features like Avoid Collision Enablement and others like ‘Track target.’ You can quickly get information regarding the weather and how high or low the currents are. Additional input on the atmosphere, like wind direction, which helps decide the sail direction and precipitation level, can also be availed. All these factors help make your cruise comfortable when you’re out in the open.

Bottom Line 

The system has an extensive user manual that may take a couple of hours to read. We suggest you go through it thoroughly before you attach the new system. Most Raymarine gadgets are very user-friendly and designed in such a way that targets user ease. However, it’s necessary to read the instructions to better grip on operating it. The Axiom 7 model is slightly costly, so before you make a hefty investment go through the features in detail and decide whether it caters to your needs or not.

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