Raymarine Axiom Plus Review (Feature Highlights)

raymarine axiom plus review
raymarine axiom plus review

The Raymarine gadgets have a long-lasting legacy in the world of marines. The company has assisted fishers with easy navigation for as long as 80 years. The company offers products that are cost-effective and processed using the latest technology. The developers provide the best to their customers.

The newly launched Raymarine Axiom is yet again an achievement on the company’s behalf. The recently released product lives up to its expectations, and the additional features are worth the money.

There are two versions of Raymarine Axiom available. The Axiom+ 9 relaying on the Chartplotter technology and the Axiom+ 9RV is undoubtedly the most sorted out product of the season. The second version offers multiple visions, including the # dimensioned outlook, the down vision, the side vision, and the CHRP sonar is also integrated into the system. Altogether, it won’t be unfair to say that the developers have outdone themselves with this one.

Raymarine Axiom Plus Review:

Who is this product for? 

The Raymarine axiom is for fishers and anglers who enjoy an exemplary display screen with a responsive hybrid system. Not only is the keypad easy to use, but so is the touch screen. Easy to pinch n and out, the display stands out due to its bright colours and single-touch response.

If you’re someone who plans on taking long cruises in the deep sea, continue reading about how this gadget is a must-have addition for you.

With a marine navigation legacy that goes back 80+ years, Raymarine has built a reputation for easy-to-use, rugged, reliable marine electronics.

  1. Increased Storage

Not many users want an extensive storage system in their Raymarine devices; however, some do. If you’re someone who likes to keep all their data stored up in one place, this is the right option for you. Unlike previous models, minimal effort was made to top up the storage. An important reason could be that very little to no feedback was registered regarding the lack of storage in the previous model. However, after the announcement of the Raymarine Axiom, it came to notice how essential good storage space is.

The developers are offering 4 extra GB of storage. Previously the standard storage was 8GB was fell short of many users. It has now been upgraded to 16 GB. The additional storage space has rendered MicroSD memory cards useless. You can easily store all your user data on the MFD.

  1. Display 

The display offers two of the previously provided options, a keypad and a touch screen. The menu system is well designed and helps you quickly move around in the settings. Despite the utility of a Hybrid system, the features remain the same.

  1. A Solid Transducer

The Raymarine Axiom plus comes inbuilt with a sound transducer. If a fisherman is looking for a good Sonar system paired with a suitable transducer, the Raymarine axiom plus is the recommended choice for most users. The transducer helps to run the system without any system lags efficiently.

  1. Varying resolution options. 

Users get to decide between different variations of the Raymarine axiom, each of which comes with additional features mentioned below.

Axiom 7

A Resolution power of 800 x 480

1200 units of brightness and an LCD display

Axiom 9 

A Resolution power of 800 x 480

1200 units of brightness and an LCD display

The Axiom model 12

  A Resolution power of 1280×800

1200 units of brightness and an LCD display

Axiom model 9+

A Resolution power of 1024 x 600

1500 units of brightness and an IPS LCD with HydroTough display

Axiom model 7+

 A Resolution power of 1024 x 600

1500 units of brightness and an IPS LCD with HydroTough display

 Axiom model 12+

  A Resolution power of 1280 x 720

1800 units of brightness and an IPS LCD with HydroTough display

Concluding thoughts: 

The Raymarine Axiom Plus is a gadget one can’t miss. The cost is convenient and can be easily adjusted within its exceptional new features. If you’re someone who wants good storage and an impressive screen display, don’t think twice before placing your order. The gadgets are water and oilproof, so you’ll have very little to worry about when it comes to the device’s longevity and durability.

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