Raymarine Axiom Pro Review – Buy It Or Drop It?

raymarine axiom pro review
raymarine axiom pro review

The Raymarine Axiom Pro was already the talk of the town long before its launch. It seemed to attract all the tech-savvy fishers for its outstanding features, which included a well-lit, clear display, which is a necessity. Then the authentic navigation and easy-to-understand maps speak for themselves. The essential requirement of Wi-fi is also met. However, what seemed to stand out was the fast processing and lack of delays in functioning that seemed to attract both the professionals and the amateur Fishermen.

Are you a fishing enthusiast wondering whether the Raymarine Axiom Pro is worth the hype? Continue reading and allow us to help you make up your mind.

Below are a few detailed features of the Raymarine Axiom Pro, which will give you a clearer picture of what you’re about to get your hands on.

Raymarine Axiom Pro Review:

  1. Multiple Display Options

The Raymarine Axiom Pro screens are hybrid designed with touch-sensitive screens. The screen display has good resolutions that are pleasing for the eyes and help differentiation contrast sharp objects. Users get to decide between 3 different measurements of screen display, ranging from a 9″, 12.1″, and 15.6″ display.

The multitouch display resolution of a 9″ Raymarine Axiom Pro is 1280 x 720 WXGA and 17.8″ x 10.2″ x2.72″ (452 x 258 x 69 mm) unit dimensions. While a 12″ model has a resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA and 14.1″ x 9.17″ x 2.56″ (358 x 223 x 65 mm) unit dimensions. The most impressive screen display has a screen display of 15.6″ operates on 1920 x 1080 WXGA resolution and 17.8″ x 10.2″ x2.72″ (452 x 258 x 69 mm) unit dimensions.

  1. Ergonomically designed displays:

For the first time in the world of marine equipment, the focus is being laid on designing ergonomically intelligent systems. An ergonomically designed display benefits mariners’ and fishers’ physical health. Most anglers spend countless hours in the water, navigating through thousands of miles of wilderness. When food becomes scarce, it is necessary to maintain optimal physical health in situations like these.

  1. Ideal voltage consumption 

All three models operate on an ideal voltage of 12V and 24V DC (8V to 32V DC). The set voltage provided ample current to use the system while making sure not to burn out all reserves on longer journeys.

  1. Waterproof system 

Most marine types of equipment come with inbuilt water protection; however, despite adequate system processing, water damage takes place at times. With the Raymarine Axiom Pro, water damage will be the last of your headache. The system has a solid IPX6 / IPX7 waterproof rating that guarantees no water damage.

  1. Impressive Sonar System 

The Axiom Pro is packed with multiple angled sonar systems like the down vision, allowing in-depth water analysis. A side vision option helps fishers get a side angle and the latest 3 Dimension views. Although 2D and 3D visions have previously been used in marine equipment, many users struggle with getting a good view. Once you’re familiar with dimensioned views, there’s no going back.

The down and in-depth views give a detailed description of the underwater. It is physically impossible to see what’s going on below the boat. With the latest in-depth and down views offered by the Raymarine company, you can now have an experience like never before.

  1. Navigation

The Raymarine Axiom Pro uses precise mapping charts. Once the system is in use, you no longer have to worry about any coordinates. The GPS is active and efficiently traces the ship on the map. You are giving anglers a detailed description of the area covered and the area remaining to reach land or more fish.

The icon on the map settings helps you explore the surrounding area for an in-depth experience and can be quickly returned to the original location. An advantage of investing in such a system is the guarantee that the system won’t lag and bail out on you at the last minute.

Bottom line:

If you’re not planning to cruise through stormy weather waters and know your terrain, consider this the ideal marine gadget for your tours. Keeping the high cost in mind, make sure you have enough budget to finance it. However, it seems like a fruitful investment with its brilliant features. Additionally, it comes with a warranty.

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