Raymarine eS Review (Feature Highlights)

raymarine es review
raymarine es review

The Raymarine eS is a newly launched e series that is the talk of the town. The system is based on some of the most impressive features that allow you to enhance your marine journey. When it comes to sailing, a robust navigation system is a necessity. But what is better than a simple navigation system is a complex setup of multiple add-ons that allow you to access different applications.

The Raymarine system has made its name in the world of marine technology due to its rapid innovations and up-to-date navigation features. The Raymarine products are known for their reliable programming, the kind every mariner seems to trust. Whether a sailor or a tourist on a long cruise, the Raymarine eS technology delivers for everyone.

Let’s go over some of the features in Raymarine eS that you cannot miss.

Raymarine eS Review:

  1. Screen Display

The Raymarine e series has a clear display relying on hybrid touch. The screen resolutions optimally allow a convenient bright display of around (1250 nits). The display is built to showcase sharper colors with varying contracts. The latest optical bonding technology is an add-on that helps maintain a balance between color sharpness and uneven contrasts.

The screen display is touch sensitive but also has the keypad feature. Users have the accessibility to decide what mode of screen interaction they prefer. The screen is responsive and comes in more than two mounting options. However, the multifunction rotator control makes it super easy to adjust the screen display and have a visually pleasing outlook of the screen.

  1. Impressive Navigation

The Raymarine e series stands out among most marine electronics due to its extensive navigation. The system navigates around multiple mapping charts from C-MAP that are backed up by satellite acquisition. Additional support from Sonar charts by Navionics makes the precision even better.

The navigation points can easily be synced between devices, making it easier for mariners to share their location with those on the ground. The system is inbuilt with one of the best available antenna connections, like the GA-150 external antenna, which is specific to only two e series, the 9th and 12th series.

  1. Sonar Command Center

The Raymarine series can view multiple sonar channels at the exact time. This allows functional offshore sonar modules like those of CP470, CP570, and CHIRP. All of which combine and offer an Internal wide spectrum on models like eS128 and eS78.

  1. Latest Light House Software

The Raymarine e series is dedicated to offering optimal performance, using high-speed scanning high definition radars of 48rpms. The software stands out in providing multi-range modes from which users get to decide. Along with this, multiple radar scanning options are available in High definition.

An exciting feature the Lighthouse II software offers is the ability to detect flocks of birds. The area specified with heavy bird inflow indicates where the fish is. So if you’re out fishing and don’t plan on waiting for hours, activate the automatic bird mode and enjoy your fishing experience.

The software comes with in-built features of target differentiation, allowing users to differentiate between objects beyond the scope of the naked eye.

  1. Night vision

Another reason why you need not think twice before investing in the Raymarine e series is the thermal night vision. Not all cruising happens in daylight, and it is essential to have a system that guarantees light-impaired navigation.

The thermal system is programmed using the FLIR thermal night vision, which helps detect any floating objects nearby. The system can see birds, animals, and humans from a distance and offer a detailed awareness of the surroundings.

  1. Networking

Moving forward with the latest demands of connectivity, the e series of Raymarine are the gadgets of choice. Unlike when ships would lose connection for days at a stretch, a connection loss is unaffordable today.

Why it’s worth the money?

The e series has a multifunction display compatible with the ethernet using two RayNet portals. The system offers Wi-Fi for cellphones and Bluetooth connectivity. These additional features allow GPRS tracking and instant connection with the world. All these features make a device worth the money the company charges. If you still can’t make up your mind, maybe it’s better if you wait for the next model to release.

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