Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Reviews

raymarine evolution autopilot reviews
raymarine evolution autopilot reviews

The Raymarine Evolution Autopilot has been a popular user gadget since it was announced. The third and latest update was released in August 2020. So far, the reviews have all favored Raymarine, and the number of record sales speaks for itself. If you’re thinking of buying the Raymarine Evolution Autopilot, here’s everything you should know about its features. The popular features include:

  1. Evolution Autopilot Intelligence
  2. Drive Units
  • hydraulic,
  • mechanical
  •  power-assisted
  • stern drive systems.

A detailed description of these features is mentioned below.

Raymarine Evolution Autopilot Reviews:

  1. Evolution Autopilot Intelligence

The one feature that undoubtedly stands out in the Raymarine Evolution autopilot, and rightly so, is the Autopilot Intelligence. The intelligence uses information from the surroundings, takes up additional input from the charting data, and the terrain and atmosphere are kept into consideration. Once all the necessary input is fed into the system, the artificial intelligence integrated into the Raymarine device takes up decision-making control. Like a well-experienced captain, this marine gadget can steer your boat in the right direction; it provides multiple options and helps you pick the most feasible route in terms of ease and fuel consumption.

Irrespective of the waters you’re cruising through with the experience you have, this system helps you optimize your knowledge to the best.

The entire system automatically functions using some of the best technology available worldwide. Gone are days when captains would sit with the compass and design their navigation routes. The system can be installed at your convenience; you don’t need to place it above the deck only; although the deck option is available, you have nothing to worry about. The system is waterproof as well as oil-proof.

  1. Drive Units

Four drive units are available, each of which offers different features. Users can decide which drive unit fulfills their needs and choose accordingly. The drive unit is an integral part of the Raymarine system. It helps command the vessel’s steering system and navigate it in the right direction. A good driving unit is necessary to efficiently control a steering wheel and conveniently move it in the right direction.

Hydraulic Steering Systems: The Hydraulic system has four further types; these include Type 0.5, having a RAM capacity of 50cc-110cc (3.1in3–6.7in3), with a maximum stall pressure at 12V being 50bar (750psi) and a peak flow rate of 1000cc/min (67in3/min), Type 1 having a RAM capacity of 80cc – 230cc(4.9in3–14in3), with a maximum stall pressure at 12V being 50bar (750psi) and a peak flow rate of 1000cc/min (67in3/min), Type 2 having a RAM capacity of 230cc – 350cc(14in3–21in3), with a maximum stall pressure at 12V being 100bar (1450psi) and a peak flow rate of 2000cc/min (122in3/min), Type 3 having a RAM capacity of 350cc – 500cc(21in3–30.5in3), with a maximum stall pressure at 12V being 80bar (1160psi) and a peak flow rate of 2900cc/min (175in3/min)

Hydraulic Linear Drives: The hydraulic linear driver is built for heavier boats weighing approximately 20,00kg, requiring more substantial power to be controlled and steered in the right direction. The different part is how the rudder stock is connected to an independent tiller arm.

Mechanical Linear Drives: Mechanical drivers are among the most commonly used drivers and have a powerful thrust that gives the right boost to steer the boat in the right direction.

Mechanical Rotary Drives: These drives are targeted for power and sailboats. They’re relatively less powered as compared to the rest of the drivers. However, they adequately fulfill their purpose when it comes to steering small boats.

  1. Stern Drives:

With a maximum thrust of 150kg with a full stroke of 214nm. The stern drives use the ACU-200 core with an impressive recovery hard over time of 8.8 seconds. The stern method uses an electromechanical drive method, among some of the best available systems.

The Raymarine Evolution autopilot provided a multitude of options to pick from. The system has received applause from users worldwide for its loaded features and easy-to-use technology. Considering the Evolution Autopilot is an excellent option to invest in among all Raymarine gadgets. If you’re planning on investing in the new Raymarine devices, you now know which one. This Raymarine is programmed to help reduce fuel consumption which helps aid in controlling environmental damage.

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