Raymarine GS Series Review (Main Features)

raymarine gs series review
raymarine gs series review

The Raymarine gs series is an achievement for the Raymarine developers. It is one of the fastest systems released by the developers. The gs series relies on an impressive dual-core processor, unlike all the previous series, which used a single processor. The processing is fast, and the company offers amazing graphics using one of the best graphic processors. The series comes with multiple display options and has a sleek shiny look. Not only will it help you navigate your way through rough waters, but it will also give a wonderful, finished look to your internal system. Users have multiple charting options from some of the best companies, including the well-known Navionics and the C-MAP, both of which are Raymarine compatible LightHouse compatible charts.

Raymarine GS Series Review:

Why Raymarine GS series?

The Raymarine series is equipped with some of the best features offered in the market. The display is one of a kind. The Raymarine developers have always offered the best display, but with this series, they’ve got it right. Unlike the previously used black box systems, the series relies on the latest smart touch screen. The touch uses the multifunction display, which helps navigate around the system. The series comes in four variations. Users can decide between the 9″, 12.1″, 15.4″ and 19″ displays. There’s no standard size, and users can decide which size works best for them.

We believe offering different display sizes is a great initiative. Not all fishermen are looking for the standard size. The display should also be well adjusted on the boat. With the g series, you can pick the best size along with a good display. The Raymarine series is compatible with the Lighthouse software, and users can easily download it and have more additional features on their display.

Some of the striking features of the Raymarine gs series include

  • RMK-10 Remote:
  • Wi-Fi:
  • Multiple Touch Screen Display
  • Bluetooth: RCU-3 Remote
  • Best charts

Let’s discuss all these features in detail:

  1. RMK-10 Remote: 

The Raymarine series comes with an additional accessory, the RMK-10 remote, which helps users in multiple ways. You no longer have to stand right in front of the system to operate it. With the RMK-10 remote, you can run the central system at a distance. This additional remote is an innovative addition that will assist users with more command over the system while operating it with the ease of their comfort.

  1. Wi-Fi:

The series is considered the latest not only because of how it looks but, more importantly, for what it offers. The Wi-Fi option is an excellent addition to all already loaded systems. You can connect the main system with a portable Wi-Fi device with accessible settings. Unlike in previous times, sailors would be out sailoring for weeks at a stretch, having no connection with dry land. You no longer have to suffer a communication lag of that sort. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you download and use multiple apps to help you have a pleasant journey.

  1. Multiple Touch Screen Display

The Multiple Touch screen display Allows more than one user to operate the system simultaneously. Unlike the previous models where only a single touch responded, the latest series offers a more flexible screen.

The screen can be operated using the touch option, which is easier to use. However, the series offers both options for individuals who prefer the keypad. The display uses high definition and relies on good pixels. The screen is well adjusted in terms of display settings in outdoor and indoor environments. The system is designed in such a way that it offers maximum user ease and is ergonomically well designed.

  1. Bluetooth: RCU-3 Remote

The Bluetooth is operated using a three-wheeled portable remote that helps operate the system. Sailors can attach it to the steering wheel, move from one app to the next, and give commands to the man system.

  1. Best Charts

This is no news in the Raymarine world; the company is dedicated to offering the best available charts worldwide.

  1. Multiple Add-On Options 

Add-on options that can help you upgrade your system include the following. These are compatible with the series and can be purchased from the official website.

Network sonar modules, GPS, Thermal Cameras, Radar, Engine Data, ASIS module, Satellite Tv, SiriusXM weather.

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