Raymarine Lighthouse 2 Review – Good Quality?

raymarine lighthouse 2 review
raymarine lighthouse 2 review

The Raymarine lighthouse 2 update was certainly something nobody was expecting. Many users were otherwise happy with the first version of the Lighthouse update. The developers must have thought of something before introducing it to their audience. The software is loaded with features and is said to support cameras with in-built thermal powers; the much-talked-about GS-series is also part of the new update. Other features like MFD, with which most Raymarine fans are already familiar, are being revamped into better versions. With the latest update, the Raymarine system will offer easy dock-to-dock auto routing on Navionics.

Newly introduced features include the following:

  1.  Dock-to-Dock Auto routing
  2. Advanced Map Options
  3. Global weather app
  4. Active Captain data

Let us discuss each of these features in detail.

Raymarine Lighthouse 2 Review:

  1. The Dock to Dock Autorouting: 

The Dock to Dock Auto routing is based on intelligent software algorithms. Using input from various maps and detailed charts, the auto-routing program designs routes that provide necessary navigation aid.

The programming is superior to all other algorithms previously used and focuses on designing passages that are shorter and convenient to travel. Safety warnings and other important messages are delivered to the user. It is, in short, putting innovative technology to its best use.

The system helps individuals pick the safest and most cost-effective route. This is the differentiating feature of the Raymarine Lighthouse 2 software update.

  1. Advanced Maps

The new update offers a mapping system like never before. Although the Raymarine setups are equipped with the best available mapping, the new update is said to go one step forward. They use the latest Navionoc sonar charts displayed in High resolution and are live on the MFD. Input from Shallow waters is provided, which helps in fishing. The newly designed mapping system can help measure the fishing range. Once the range is identified, the system calculates the distance and time required to reach the desired location. The system is programmed with a tide correction feature that helps realign the water levels to avoid interference within the SonarChart. The SonarLive charts are readily available and can be updated from the online Navaionic stores.

  1. Global weather app 

The GRIB View global weather app is easily accessible on the Raymarine home screen. Weather from all around the globe is a touch away. When sailing at sea, a weather forecast is essential. It helps plan different strategies and helps anglers decide the duration of their trip. At times, the weather gets stormy, and it becomes life-threatening to make your way back to safe waters. To avoid a hazard of this sort, it is always better to be well informed regarding all forecasts.

The weather forecast on the GRIB View global weather app is displayed in high resolution and can be downloaded through Wi-Fi. The app is easily downloadable across multiple devices, helping fishermen sync their data across more than one setup. Making weather forecast an essential part of the Raymarine setup.

  1. Active Captain

C-Map backs up the active captain technology. It provides accessible communication between different captains, access to chart plotters, and mapping coordinates, all of which help enhance the sailing experience. The active captain in the lighthouse 2 software helps redesign the navigation plans. With all the correct information, the system actively executes planning strategies that are in the best interest of fishermen. The developers have decided to upgrade data 4 times a year for optimal setup functioning. The four times are set according to the seasons, summer, winter, fall, and spring.

Bottom line:

The new software update is more of a bug fix than a proper update. Moreover, the developers have focused on working on and optimizing already used features compared to introducing something new. It is advisable to get the update because using outdated software is never recommended. Outdated software may seem to work correctly, but it tends to slow down your system over time. To ensure no system lags, it is better to keep updated software running in your system.

Another reason you shouldn’t think twice before getting the Raymarine lighthouse 2 is the easy accessibility it offers. You no longer have to pay any additional bucks to get it. Go to the official website and download it.

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