Raymarine Lighthouse Charts Review – Very Accurate?

raymarine lighthouse charts review
raymarine lighthouse charts review

Raymarine Lighthouse Charts have undoubtedly revolutionized the marine world. Long gone are the days sailors would use worn-out maps and compass to relocate their direction. Today, everything is composed and functioning inside a single screen. The Raymarine company has an 80-year-old legacy that it proudly channels through its exceptional products. Despite the competition available in the market, Raymarine gadgets always tend to stand out because of their strikingly new features and the use of the latest technology.

Raymarine Lighthouse Charts Review:

What is Lighthouse Charts? 

The Lighthouse charts combine various maps, but the charting process is more complex for an amateur at sea. To cater to the needs of all categories of users, the Lighthouse charts take input from GPS; the starting time, the estimated travel time, and the hypothetical distance to the destination are calculated. The charts also add to the weather update. Essential information like the direction of the wind predicted precipitation, and tidal height is all added to the system. Weather warnings are sometimes issued to warn sailors not to go into stormy waters. The charts continuously upgrade data; only the most authentic information is shared with users. What you see on your end is a mere screen, but on the other end, teams as big as 20 people at a time are working to ensure you have a good experience.

Why Raymarine Lighthouse Charts? 

The Raymarine charts are among some of the most well-sorted plots because of their authenticity. The Auto plotting option is an innovation in technology that does the work of an experienced captain on board. From making little decisions about how fast the boat shoat cruise to predicting the expected time to reach, this is not all, it helps with. The side view and the deep views allow the anglers to identify areas where fish heavily breed. The multiple views give a great in-depth analysis of what’s happing underwater.

The high-definition display screens have good resolution and offer a great colour-to-contrast ratio. The screens are durable and waterproof. The system is backed by some of the most solid core processors ensuring that the device does not stop working and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

If you can’t decide which charting device to invest in, continue reading to read up on all Raymarine Lighthouse Chart features. The features include

  1. Multiple Display Options

The Raymarine screens are known for their easy usability. The screens come with two options: you operate them through standard touch or activate the keypad. Both options are responsive and help users easily navigate through the system. The screens can easily be pinched in and out to minimize and maximize the maps. You can have an inbuilt magnified outlook of maps simply by expanding into the maps.

The display comes with four viewing modes. The Raymarine lighthouse charts were among some of the first to offer user-friendly modes. The modes include the day mode, which can be applied when the sun is out, the bright sun mode, which can be used mid-day when the sun is at its, then the Dusk mode for when the sun starts going a little down, the night modes for when there’s absolute darkness outside.

These various options help save energy because the display need not be at its brightness when the sun is out; however, the contrast must adjust accordingly to ensure that the fishermen can at least read what they’re writing.

  1. Comprehensive Sonar Coverage 

The Raymarine Lighthouse provides good sonar coverage. The sonic waves are sent into the deep waters, and the response helps identify what’s happening underwater. It is not humanely possible to have a complete view of the underwater. However, the sonar waves help locate large rocks and fish pools underwater.

  1. Regular Updates 

The Raymarine Lighthouse charts can help sync data across multiple devices. The regular updates help optimize the user experience, and It is advisable to never run your setup on outdated software o maintain the setup’s performance. The latest updates solve any other bugs affecting the software and help speed up the processing. The updates are available every few months and keep adding more latest features to the charts that help anglers have the best sailoring experience ever.

1 thought on “Raymarine Lighthouse Charts Review – Very Accurate?”

  1. Raymarine has not updated the North American region charts since January 2022!
    Their most recent chart download does not even contain USCG Local Notices to Mariners released in June 2021. Raymarine charts are very much out of date, check it out for yourself.
    I use their Premium Update service and they are still posting the same package revision number as they had in January 2022.
    The NOAA ENCs are updated within one – two weeks of a LNM release. Why is it taking Raymarine so long to update their charts? Try to determine what their chart release date is, no such information provided by Raymarine.


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