3 Common Raymarine S1000 Autopilot Problems (With Solutions)

raymarine s1000 autopilot problems
raymarine s1000 autopilot problems

The Raymarine s1000 Autopilot is an innovation in the world of marine gadgets. The company is keeping up with the ever-growing use of artificial intelligence and autopiloting, ensuring the autopilot is designed to perfection. The developers are working towards offering a hassle-free cruise experience to its users.

Although the programming is up to the stand, a few commonly encountered issues include the following.

  1. Screen not responding
  2. Keylock Inactivated
  3. Unable to change Pattern direction

If you’re struggling with something similar, you’ve found the right article. Continue reading and follow all the instructions mentioned below, and your Raymarine S1000 Autopilot will get fixed before you even know it.

Raymarine S1000 Autopilot Problems:

  1. How To Fix An Un responding Screen.

The Raymarine s1000 Autopilot has a well-built display. At times the screen display stops responding, and the screen goes blank. In such instances, make sure that the system is adequately supplied. Next, the GPS must be activated. Look for a circuit fuse; occasionally, a circuit breaker can lead to a similar issue. However, the screen does not turn on in case of a circuit breaker.

If the screen stops responding, you can fix it by pressing down on the StandBy button. The standby button is present on the controller and can be easily identified. Once the button is pressed for a while, you’ll hear a beeping sound, and the display will read standby. This confirms that the setup is now on standby mode, and if no button or commands are given, the Raymarine autopilot automatically turns off. Turn the system back on, and the screen will start responding.

At times, accidentally, the power saving mode gets activated. When the system is in power-saving mode, many basic features get inactivated to save energy. In similar instances, the screen stops responding. Make sure to inactivate the power-saving mode to access the screen easily.

  1. Activate A Locked Keylock

The keylock becomes inactivated, and no commands can be given to the device. This is a rather frustrating glitch because users find them in a tough spot where they can’t figure out what to do next. To unlock the keylock, find the mode button. Press the mode button until the key symbol appears on the screen. Once the key symbol is visible, you’ll see the KeyLock off a message on the screen. At times users follow these steps but still fail to unlock the keylock.

Such an issue occurs when the autopilot is activated. You won’t be able to unlock the keypad using these instructions. To properly unlock the keypad, first, disable the autopilot. After you’ve successfully disabled the autopilot, follow these instructions step by step and get access to the keypad again.

  1. Change Pattern Direction By Following These Steps

There are multiple patterns the Raymarine S1000 autopilot can steer your boat in. Some of these patterns include the linear pattern and the circular pattern. Once a pattern is activated, it must be disabled to activate the following pattern. Many users struggle with changing the pattern direction and end up cruising haphazardly.

Changing the pattern direction is easy even with the autopilot activated. Users are expected to press and hold down the Standby button for a few seconds. Next, enter Pilot Setup mode until the display asks for pattern directions; once the directions are requested, press down on the Port or starboard key and decide between the directions. There are two directions to choose from, the clockwise and the anticlockwise steer. After you’ve decided on the direction, press the standby button again for a few seconds and exit from the pilot setup.

Other than the clockwise and anticlockwise options, users have to decide between the dodge pattern or the smart steer option. Most users aren’t familiar with these terms and end up selecting the wrong pattern. Read the user instruction manual before heading on a cruise to avoid such an inconvenience. Even if you’ve read it in detail, keep a copy along. If you find yourself in a tricky situation, open the manual and go through it again. The best way to have a wonderful fishing trip is first to learn how the autopilot works and get familiar with its features before heading for a long sail into the deep waters.

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