6 Known Raymarine Speed Transducer Problems (With Fixes)

raymarine speed transducer problems
raymarine speed transducer problems

Raymarine has always been the brand known for its amazing prices, and you won’t find an option that will beat Raymarine when it comes to value. However, the limited designs and the fragile mounting frame can sometimes discourage users from going with Raymarine. So, if you’re not struggling with a low budget, you’ll enjoy much better performance from Garmin and similar units.

Anglers have not been too happy with the Raymarine Speed Transducer problems, and you will also struggle to get any performance out of this unit. Sometimes, it is just better to switch to a different brand. However, if you’re still planning on purchasing this unit, here are some of the common problems that you need to consider.

Raymarine Speed Transducer Problems

  1. Failed Thermistor

A failed thermistor is the most common problem with this unit, where you’ll start losing temperature readings from the unit. Moreover, the speed information won’t update, and you’ll see a bunch of blank lines on the unit. So, if you’re in this condition with the thermistor, just check the thermistor for possible issues. There is a good chance your thermistor has also failed, and you need to use a multimeter to confirm this suspicion.

Most of the time, you will just have to replace the thermistor to get the temperature and speed readings from the unit. However, if you don’t mind the missing temperature information, just bypass the thermistor. That should be enough to get the speed readings back to your unit without further compilation.

  1. Sensor Issues

Sometimes, the sensors won’t respond to any changes in pace, and you’ll get no updates on the unit. This situation mostly points towards defective sensors or power issues in the unit. So, you will have to grab a multimeter to check the integrity of the sensors. You can also choose to connect an external power source with your unit to check for sensor issues.

If the sensor is indeed defective, then a replacement is the only real solution to this situation. The good thing here is that the Raymarine warranty will cover these damages, and you can forward a claim if the warranty is valid at this point.

  1. Missing Data

Missing data from the Raymarine Speed Transducer can almost always be linked to the speed circuit. You’ll have to check the wiring and narrow down the issue to defective wires. It is also possible that you’re just dealing with a loose or corroded connection point that needs to fix. So, instead of getting overworked over the issue, just check the circuit. If it is in good shape, then adjusting the wiring connections should address the situation. However, it will still be better if you can seek help from a certified expert from Raymarine support.

  1. Defective Speed Element

Having a defective Speed Element can be pretty annoying, and your best bet is to make use of an external power source to narrow down the problem. If the element is indeed in poor shape, then you’ll have to get it fixed from the nearest repair center. So, try and reach out to the local experts about this issue after contacting the dealer. You should leave this issue to the dealer if the problem is true with the element and the warranty is valid.

  1. Clogged Paddle

The spinning paddles can also get clogged up if you ignore the service requirements of the unit for a long time. There isn’t much that you can do about a clogged paddle except to service the device and remove any obstructions that are blocking the paddle. Ideally, cleaning up the unit once every month should be enough to address this situation. However, if your water conditions are a bit too rough, make sure to check on the unit every two weeks.

  1. Durability Issues

Finally, Raymarine Speed Transducer is not the greatest when it comes to its durability. The only thing you can do to limit these issues is to be extra careful while on the fishing trip. It won’t stand to rough use, and the community forums are filled with complaints about its fragile structure. So, make sure to keep the unit secure, or you’ll have to get it replaced within a few months. Make sure to also look for alternatives for this unit as it is not the best on the market.

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