Reaction Innovations Vixen Discontinued (Discussion)

reaction innovations vixen discontinued
reaction innovations vixen discontinued

There are quite a few types of lures in the market that you can choose to depend upon your fishing trip. All the different kinds of lures bring a unique aspect to the table that can heavily impact your fishing experience. So, if you’re unsure about the type of lure you should buy, ask the experts at the fishing store to help you out.  Here we will be going over the discontinued Reaction Innovations Vixen lure. So, if you’re interested in this lure, make sure to follow through.

Reaction Innovations Vixen Being Discontinued?

Reaction Innovations Vixen was one of the most famous topwater lures a few years ago. However, due to some internal issues, this lure was discontinued, and people weren’t able to get their hands on this exceptional lure. This created a massive spike in the prices of these lures as people noticed these lures selling for hundreds of dollars in second-hand markets. There were many sellers on eBay selling this lure for over 75 dollars apiece.

Including the smaller original barely legal mode, there were also some variants of this bait that were going for over a hundred dollars. Fishing enthusiasts around the globe were going out of their way to get their hands on Reaction Innovations Vixens. However, the supply in the second-hand market also began to die down slowly as no new lures were coming into the market.

Now, it can be very challenging to land on a discontinued Reaction Innovations Vixen lure. The original variant has been discontinued, and you might have to do a lot of digging to get your hands on this lure. Your best attempt would be to look towards second-hand markets and reach out to other fishing enthusiasts, and who knows, maybe you’ll get a good deal on one of the original lures.

A few years after the discontinuation of this prosecuted, it was launched with some variations. Unfortunately, this version of the Reaction Innovations Vixen was not as effective as the first one. Experts pointed out many issues with the lure and mentioned that the original variant is far superior to this lure.

However, when this lure is compared with other lures in the market, its performance is still remarkable. So, if you’re looking for an excellent topwater lure, then it is a good option for you. Depending upon your fishing style, you should refer to the local fishing expert for more instructions on how to pick the perfect lure.

To Conclude

Reaction Innovation Vixen was an exceptional lure that was discontinued shortly after being launched. Once it was discontinued, the price of this lure spiked in second-hand markets like eBay, with barely legal variants selling for over a hundred dollars. The topwater lure performed exceptionally well, and many fishing enthusiast were trying to get their hands on this bait.

However, a few years after the discontinuation of this lure, it was relaunched with a few differences. These differences not only made the lure less effective, but experts pointed out many issues with the design and the structure of the bait.

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