Redington Crosswater vs Orvis Encounter – Which Is Better?

redington crosswater vs orvis encounter
redington crosswater vs orvis encounter

When you’re getting into fly fishing, affordability should be one of the first things that you should consider. There is no point in spending thousands of dollars on new fishing equipment when you barely know a thing or two about the fishing requirements. So, you should first save up some budget and start out with affordable outfits for the fishing trip. The majority of anglers tend to either go with Redington Crosswater or the Orvis Encounter for their trips. Both of these family fishing combos are affordable and maintain a decent value package for beginners. So, if you’re also thinking of going with this combo, the following details will give you a complete idea of both options.

Redington Crosswater vs Orvis Encounter

Redington Crosswater 

The anodized rod that you’ll get with Redington Crosswater is known for its durability, and you will get amazing performance even in rough water conditions. This rod is known for its strength, and you don’t need any expert knowledge to set it up. The alignment dots on the rod make it effortless for beginners to manage the orientation of the pieces. So, if the water conditions are a bit rough, going with Redington Crosswater over the Orvis Encounter is the better choice.

As far as the rod is concerned, the Redington Crosswater presents a decent value to the users. However, there are not too many good reviews on the quality of the reel you’ll get with this outfit. You won’t be able to cast heavier flies, and the smoothness of this line can’t compete with Orvis Encounter. So, it will take a bit of time to adjust to the line brought forward by Redington Crosswater.

There have also been a few complaints about the line memory maintained by this combo. If you leave the unit unused for a few days, then it can be pretty annoying to stretch out the line for proper use. Other than that, the Redington Crosswater combo is pretty great, and it is used by many beginners because of its durable build quality.

Overall, Redington Crosswater is superior to Orvis Encounter when you’re talking about pure durability and better assembly of the components. However, when you consider the line memory and the casting smoothness, it doesn’t even come close to the performance offered by Orvis Encounter. So, if you don’t want to deal with a sub-par reel, it is a better idea to go with Orvis Encounter over the Redington Crosswater.

Orvis Encounter

Orvis has always offered decent fishing reels to the anglers when it comes to budget options. You won’t find a better brand when you’re working with a limited budget. The Orvis Encounter builds on the same concept and offers a lightweight rod that is pretty easy to handle. Even though you can’t expect the same level of durability from the Orvis Encounter combo, the handling of this unit is much better than Redington Crosswater.

One thing that some anglers have pointed out is that you won’t get any case with this outfit. So, to keep your unit in optimal condition, you will have to set aside money to purchase a new case for the setup. Other than that, you won’t have to worry much about the line memory or poor performance with heavier flies.

Even though this unit performs well with lighter flies, some users have mentioned decent fishing results with heavier flies with Orvis Encounter. So, you can test out a few casts with heavier flies to test out the performance of this outfit. As far as the market sentiment is concerned, anglers are happier with their Orvis Encounter outfit when compared with Redington Crosswater. The issues with the reel quality are just not worth it for most anglers, and you will get more performance from Orvis Encounter.

Overall, Orvis Encounter maintains a better spot in the market with a lighter structure and budget-friendly price point. It is much easier to handle, and you won’t have to worry about much after assembly. So, go with Orvis Encounter if the fishing conditions are not too rough and you’re looking for the perfect balance between a decent fishing reel and a quality rod. Make sure to test out a few casts with both rods to have a better idea of their performance.

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